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Lawsuits related to falling injuries are sometimes derided for being unnecessary or frivolous. However, the injured victims who file these lawsuits are often very badly hurt and need compensation to cover their many costs.

A slip and fall incident can happen almost anywhere, and many injured victims are simply going about their day when the accident occurs. For example, you might slip in someone’s home, in a grocery store, in a shopping mall, or at work. The person responsible for the accident is often the property owner, as they have a duty to remove or repair dangerous conditions on the property before allowing guests to enter. For example, a business that fails to clean up a spill may be deemed responsible for a slip and fall accident. Damages may be significant, especially if your injuries are severe. While people sometimes think slip and fall cases are not a big deal, they can be very complex, and you should get an attorney to help you.

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Where and How Slip and Falls Might Happen in Aurora, Il

Slip and fall injuries and accidents can arise almost anywhere at any time. You might be injured on someone’s private property or somewhere more public. Determining how the accident happened is crucial in determining who is responsible and what kind of evidence our slip and fall attorneys need.

Many cases arise from incidents on private property. Maybe you were walking to your neighbor’s house when you slipped and fell in their driveway because of ice or snow they failed to remove. Maybe you slipped inside their home because their floor was damaged and uneven, and they never repaired the hazardous condition. In such cases, you can sue the homeowners.

You might instead fall inside a business. Maybe you were running errands when you slipped inside the bank because they just mopped but did not erect a wet-floor sign. Perhaps you were having dinner in a bar or restaurant and slipped in a drink someone spilled that was not promptly cleaned. Slip and fall accidents often stem from seemingly minor inconveniences like wet floors or uneven floorboards. However, the injuries from these accidents can be extremely severe.

Who You May Sue for Damages in a Slip and Fall Case in Aurora, IL

Injured victims are often unsure who is responsible for their injuries in a slip and fall accident. In many cases, victims slip and fall when nobody else is around. Some blame the accidents on their own clumsiness and never pursue fair compensation. The truth is that the person or entity that owns the premises where you were hurt may be held liable for your accident.

In cases where the plaintiff is injured on someone’s private property, the person or people who own the property may be held liable. This is common in cases where the plaintiff is injured at someone’s home, in their yard, or otherwise on their private property.

The issue can become complicated in cases where the private property in question is quite large, and plaintiffs do not know exactly where property lines begin. In such cases, we might need to check the precise location of your accident against property records with the state or county.

In many other cases, people can sue a business for their injuries. Businesses must make their premises safe for customers. If they do not, they may be responsible for accidents. Even something as simple as a wet-floor sign can help avert disaster.

How to Prove Your Claims in a Slip and Fall Case in Aurora, IL

Proving your claims requires evidence. Sometimes, evidence is abundant and easily obtainable. In others, evidence is harder to find. Just know that the fact that evidence is hard to find does not mean your claim is invalid or wrong. Evidence can be scarce for all kinds of reasons. Our team has experience with evidence and can help you find what you need to prove your claims.

Property owners owe a duty of care to the people they invite or permit to enter their property. This duty involves repairing or removing hazards the property owners know about. It also involves making reasonable inspections for hazards the property owner might not yet know about. Guests must be adequately warned if hazardous conditions cannot be fixed or removed.

However, not everyone is owed this duty of care. Property owners owe no duty of care to unknown trespassers. For example, if a neighbor unlawfully enters your garage without your knowledge to “borrow” some tools and falls on a wet spot, they likely cannot sue because they were an unknown trespasser.

Recoverable Damages in Aurora, IL Slip and Fall Cases

Damages in a slip and fall case often include extensive medical treatment, costly hospital bills, and all the pain and suffering that goes with it. Talk to your attorney about your injuries and how the accident affected your life. If any damages are mistakenly left out, they may not be compensated.

Economic Losses

A lot of damages are likely going to be directly tied to money. Medical care is often the greatest source of economic damages in cases like this. Contrary to popular belief, people are often gravely injured in slip and fall cases. People injure their necks, backs, and heads. Many people hit their heads so hard that they live with permanent brain injuries. The cost of medical care for these kinds of injuries can be astronomical.

We should also think about how your injuries interfere with your ability to work. If you have to take time away from your job or even quit, we can help you claim the value of your lost income. This might be quite substantial if you cannot work for the foreseeable future.

Non-Economic Losses and Injuries

Many other damages are almost entirely unconnected to money. However, they may still be financially compensated, especially if they significantly impact your life.

Non-economic damages may be awarded for the physical pain of your injuries, the emotional and mental trauma of the accident and the aftermath, and the humiliation of the slip and fall. A plaintiff’s suffering might be quite severe if they are left with permanent injuries or disabilities because of the accident.

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