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Many people assume that an accident is a terrible mistake that is not really anybody’s fault. The truth of the matter is that most accidents are caused by someone’s negligence, and you can hold them accountable for their behavior.

Personal injury law is an expansive legal field that encompasses a myriad of injuries, accidents, and claims. Many of the more commonly filed personal injury cases include auto accidents, slip and fall injuries, and construction accidents, among others. In a lawsuit, you may seek compensation for economic and non-economic damages related to your injuries. To get this compensation, you must have evidence supporting your claims and demonstrating that the defendant’s negligence caused the accident. An attorney can help you begin your lawsuit, evaluate your damages, and find evidence to get your compensation and closure.

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Frequently Filed Personal Injury Claims in Rogers Park

The phrase “personal injury” is a broad legal term that refers to injuries involving some bodily harm. Since many accidents and incidents can lead to bodily harm, there is a wide variety of personal injury cases, and the field is very broad. Our personal injury lawyers have experience with various cases and can help you sue for your injuries.

Perhaps one of the most frequently filed personal injury claims is for auto accidents. Accidents on the road or highway involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles can leave drivers with serious injuries and significant damages.

Another common, though often disregarded, personal injury case comes from slip and fall accidents. Many people think of slip and fall accidents as embarrassing but not very dangerous. In reality, people are severely injured in slip and fall cases all the time, and the owners of the properties where these accidents occur might be liable.

In big cities like Chicago, construction is happening almost constantly. Construction accidents, therefore, are not unusual. While workers are often injured on construction sites, accidents sometimes affect people passing by on the street or visiting the site.

Damages You Might Recover in a Personal Injury Case in Rogers Park

A key component of your personal injury claim is your damages. Damages reflect the injuries, losses, and expenses you incurred because of the defendant’s negligence. Compensatory damages are designed to place the plaintiff back in the position they were in before they were injured, at least in a financial sense.

Economic damages are comprised of monetary losses. Any bills or expenses you had to pay because of your injuries should be added to your economic damages calculations. In personal injury lawsuits, claims for medical bills, lost income, and property damage are often the better part of economic damages.

Non-economic damages are not concerned with money but rather the plaintiff’s painful experiences because of the accident. Emotional suffering or anguish, physical pain, humiliation, reputational damage, and other subjective experiences may be claimed. Determining the value of these damages can be challenging since each plaintiff might experience them differently. Our personal injury attorneys can help you get compensation for your pain and suffering.

Using Evidence to Support Your Personal Injury Claims in Rogers Park

Evidence is the backbone of your lawsuit. Certain kinds of evidence are so universal that they should always be investigated in almost any personal injury claim. For example, witnesses are frequently used for their valuable testimony. Medical records can be used to establish the extent and costs of your injuries. Photos from the accident scene can help establish important details about how, where, and when the accident occurred.

Finding evidence is not always straightforward, and evidence might disappear if not collected quickly. For example, the scene of your accident is likely full of important details that are lost once law enforcement or the defendants cleans up the scene. While photographing the scene is helpful, it is not always possible, and our personal injury attorneys can help you find other supporting evidence.

Often, we can consult police reports if there was an investigation into the accident. While the report is probably inadmissible hearsay, it might lead us to the evidence we can use.

Once we have evidence, we must figure out the best way to use it. A successful case is founded on production and persuasion. First, we must produce the evidence for a jury. Next, we have to persuade them of the evidence’s importance. Our personal injury attorney will work to persuade the jury of your claims.

How a Personal Injury Attorney in Rogers Park Can Help You

Our personal injury attorneys can help you with numerous facets of your case. To start, we can help you investigate any parts of your case that need clarification. For example, we might need to investigate to find the defendant’s identity, witnesses, and evidence. Exactly where you should look depends on how and where your injuries occurred, and an attorney should have the knowledge and skills to find what you need.

Your attorney can also help you file the case. Filing a lawsuit is more than just submitting paperwork. It involves intense preparation, time, and legal strategy. Your initial complaint, the document that kicks off the lawsuit, must include details about your injuries, how they occurred, why the defendant should be held liable, and your damages.

Additionally, we must make sure the complaint is filed with the appropriate court. Not all courts are the same, and we must submit your complaint to a court with jurisdiction over your case. If the complaint is filed in the wrong court, it might be rejected. If it is not rejected for some reason, the outcome of your case might be invalidated later. Our personal injury attorneys are familiar with the court systems in Chicago and can help you file your case correctly.

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