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Families are sometimes horrified to find that the nursing home they entrusted to care for their loved one has actually been abusing them. Your loved one deserves compensation and justice, and our team will work to make that happen.

If you discover signs of abuse in a nursing home, you should call the police. Many cases result in criminal charges for abusers, and law enforcement will likely want to investigate. You should also report the abuse or file a complaint with certain governmental organizations that oversee nursing homes, like the Illinois Department of Health. If you have not yet done so, call a lawyer. Indicators of abuse can be hard to spot. They often include unexplained injuries, personality changes, and a decline in your loved one’s overall health. When we file your case, we can include the individual people who committed the abuse in addition to the nursing facility that employed them. Depending on the severity and extent of your loved one’s mental and physical injuries, damages might be substantial.

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Who to Call if You Discover Your Family Member is Being Abused in a Nursing Home in Bolingbrook, IL

Discovering abuse can be difficult to deal with. Many people experience severe guilt, shame, or even denial, as accepting that abuse happened might be hard. Regardless of how you feel, you should contact the police immediately. Abuse in nursing homes often involves serious criminal charges, and abusers might be arrested. The police might also conduct a thorough investigation, which can greatly help your case and search for evidence.

You can also report the abuse to some other governmental agencies that oversee nursing homes and other medical facilities. For example, you can report the abuse to The Illinois Department of Public Health. Depending on how the nursing home operates, you might also report the abuse to federal agencies, like the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). These agencies might also open their own investigations.

You should also very quickly call a lawyer. Abuse victims and their families sometimes hesitate to get lawyers involved, especially when criminal investigations are pending. However, getting a lawyer on your side right away is a good idea. Your attorney can help keep track of any investigations and preserve important evidence before it is lost.

Signs of Abuse to Check for in a Bolingbrook, IL Nursing Home

The thing about abuse in nursing homes is that it tends to occur behind closed doors. Family members cannot always visit their loved one at the nursing home every day, and spotting signs of abuse might be difficult. On top of that, abusers might go to lengths to cover up the horrible damage they inflict.

One important sign to look out for is an overall decline in your loved one’s health. Many people living in nursing homes have medical conditions, and it is not too unusual to see their condition fluctuate. If you notice any decline in their health, have them evaluated right away. If the decline in their health cannot be explained or otherwise seems suspicious, talk to our team about the possibility of abuse.

Another red flag is unexplained injuries. Accidents and injuries in nursing homes are not so unusual. Many residents have difficulty getting around independently, and slip and fall accidents happen. If you notice any injuries to your loved one, ask them about it. Ask the staff about it. Ask any doctors or nurses in the nursing home if the injuries were reported. If you cannot get a good explanation for how the injuries happened, call an attorney and contact the police.

Also, look out for any changes in your loved one’s personality. People who are being abused might exhibit signs of depression, anxiety, or an overall sullen or despondent attitude. Talk to them. If they tell you about the abuse, or you have other reasons to suspect abuse, get help immediately.

Can I Put Cameras in My Loved One’s Room in a Nursing Home in Bolingbrook, IL?

A great way we can verify abuse is by checking security cameras. According to the Illinois Authorized Electronic Monitoring in Long-Term Care Facilities Act, you can place cameras in your loved one’s personal room. According to 210 I.L.C.S. § 32/10(a), residents in nursing homes may place cameras in their own rooms as long as certain people are notified.

Under 210 I.L.C.S. § 32/15(a), you must get consent from the resident living in the room before placing monitoring devices like cameras. If more than one person lives in the same room, any roommates must also provide consent. You might also need to inform the nursing home that you are installing the cameras.

People Who Might Be Responsible for Abuse in a Bolingbrook, IL Nursing Home

In these kinds of cases, there might be multiple people or parties that are responsible and should be named in your lawsuit. First, we should work to identify and hold responsible the person or people directly responsible for the abuse. This might be one or more people who work in the nursing home and are in charge of your loved one’s care.

We should also sue the nursing home. It is not unusual for nursing home administrators to know about the abuse but look the other way. In some cases, nursing homes actually take steps to cover up abuse to avoid legal penalties.

Damages Your Family Member Can Claim After Being Abused in a  Nursing in Bolingbrook, IL

Damages might be quite significant. First, we should have your loved one evaluated by a doctor to determine the extent of their injuries. Medical costs for their treatment might be costly and should be factored into your damages claims. This should include treatment for old injuries that were never reported in addition to current injuries.

We can also help you claim damages related to the expense of moving your family member to a different nursing home or switching to private, at-home care if you have no other options. You might not want to leave your loved one in the same nursing home where they were abused, even if the abusers have been removed. Relocating your loved one can be costly, and these costs should be claimed in your damages.

Abuse victims tend to suffer emotionally and psychologically. Not only have they been horribly abused, but they might have been unable to leave the nursing home and get away from the abuse independently. In short, many victims feel trapped by their abusers. This can take a huge psychological toll and deserves fair compensation.

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