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Countless commercial trucks go through the country every day, delivering packages, large equipment, and heaps of “stuff” where they need to be. Unfortunately, the sheer number of trucks driving at any given time means some will inevitably get into accidents. Truck crashes are extremely devastating. Anyone driving an ordinary car, or even a pickup truck does not have very good odds of going through a truck accident and coming out unscathed. Injuries sustained in truck accidents are often “life-altering” and very expensive to treat and heal to any degree. Truck accident victims may feel sad, angry, or scared because of all that can happen after a serious accident.

If a truck accident happens to you, our attorneys are here to help. We have represented many truck accident victims in court, and we are ready to represent you. We can collect and go through the evidence, deal with hospitals, insurance companies, trucking companies, and opposing lawyers, and fight hard for you in court so you get the compensation you need when you are injured.

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Things that Cause Truck Accidents in Waukegan, IL

Truck accidents can occur for many different reasons. The driver could make a mistake, another driver could cause an accident involving a truck, or something in the truck itself can malfunction and result in a truck accident. It is very important that you and our truck accident lawyers nail down the exact cause, or causes, of your truck accident when we go over your case. This is because a truck accident lawsuit will only be successful if it is filed against a party you can demonstrate caused your injuries. If you file against someone who did not cause your injuries, they cannot be held liable in court.

Truck Drivers

Mistakes on the part of the truck driver are a common cause of truck accidents. Truck drivers can get in accidents for all the same reasons ordinary drivers do. They can speed, run red lights, or simply not be paying attention to the road and their surroundings.

The job of being a trucker also lends itself to generating accidents caused by certain factors. For example, truckers spend long hours getting to where they need to go. Accordingly, there is a greater chance that a trucker may get sleepy or fatigued compared to an ordinary motorist. Although truckers are supposed to stop driving if they feel tired, some may not, and a tired driver is much more likely to get in an accident.

Drivers of Other Vehicles

In addition to truckers, people driving other vehicles can cause truck accidents to happen. The road is occupied by more vehicles than just a truck and your car. Moreover, other cars do not necessarily have to hit you to cause an accident. For example, if someone hits a commercial truck, and that truck starts going out of control and hits you, the other driver is likely responsible for your injuries.

Figuring out which drivers are responsible for your injuries in a multi-car accident can be complicated, so it is best to speak with our lawyers if you think this applies to you.

Truck Defect

When a problem with a truck causes a truck accident, the accident is said to have been caused by a “defect.” While in common parlance, defect just means “problem,” in law, the term has a specific meaning. A “defect” in a truck is something wrong with the vehicle that is likely to cause an accident or an injury. Furthermore, there are two categories that this defect could belong to: it could be a “design defect” or a “manufacturing defect.”

A design defect is something that is inherently wrong with the truck. No mistakes – aside from the problematic design – were made in the construction or repair of the truck. It has just been wrong from the start, so to speak. A design defect that could cause an accident would be the absence of protective “Mansfield bars” on a truck trailer that would be able to prevent underride accidents. Many states require trucks to have these bars, but not all states do, and some trucks that are of an older design may lack this safety feature.

Manufacturing defects, however, are problems that happen somewhere in the construction or repair process. These are not problems with the make or model of the truck but a departure from that make or model that is likely to result in an accident. These kinds of defects include the use of sub-par materials in the construction of the truck, improperly installed brakes, faulty transmissions, or incorrectly installed airbags.

Damages in Waukegan, IL Truck Accident Lawsuits

If you are successful in your truck accident lawsuit, you will get paid damages by the defendant. Damages are the court’s way of compensating plaintiffs for their injuries. The idea is to get the plaintiff similarly situated to before they got injured.

You can get damages for a lot of different things. The defendant can compensate you for medical bills and other treatments, lost wages, and property damage. In addition, you can get damages for physical or emotional pain brought on by your injuries. Under some circumstances, you can be awarded a special kind of damages called “punitive damages” if the defendant has acted especially badly.

No two cases will be the same, and therefore, your damages will be different than those of another plaintiff. Work with an attorney to figure out the damages for your unique case.

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