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Working in the construction industry has its risks, but serious injuries deserve some legal attention. If you were hurt in a construction zone, call our team to help you get compensation.

After a construction accident, determining who is responsible can be hard since so many parties might be involved. Injured plaintiffs often sue the contractors who hired them, the property owners, or third parties who played a role in causing the accident. Damages may be quite considerable and include compensation for things like medical bills, the loss of income, and pain and suffering from your injuries. Common construction accidents may involve falling injuries, faulty tools and machinery, and crushing accidents with heavy objects or materials. Although you are not legally required to get a lawyer to help you, doing so would be wise. The legal process is known for being complicated, and a lawyer can help you navigate this process so you can get fair compensation.

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Who You Can Sue After a Construction Injury in Waukegan, IL

What is so complex about construction accidents and claims for damages is determining who is responsible. So many different people might be present on a construction site performing all kinds of work. Some people might be working alongside you; others might have nothing to do with your job at all. Talk to an attorney about who is responsible for your injuries.


Contractors are usually in charge of construction sites and are often at the heart of lawsuits for construction-related injuries and accidents. The contractor is responsible for hiring other workers and is often liable when their workers become injured. There are different kinds of contractors on a job site, and you should think about which one you work for and which one is in charge of your work area.

A general contractor is often in charge of a construction project from the very beginning and hires many of the other workers necessary to complete the job. As such, they are responsible for a lot and may be liable when things go wrong. If you were hurt because the general contractor failed to keep the work environment safe, our team can help you hold them responsible.

General contractors hire subcontractors to perform specific aspects of the job, such as electrical, plumbing, or drywall. Subcontractors may then hire their own workers to help them. If a subcontractor hired you, they might be responsible for your accident. Even so, talk to a lawyer to make sure.

Property Owners

While property owners tend to take a step back once construction begins, this is not always the case. Some property owners take a more hands-on approach, depending on the nature of the construction project. In those cases, the property owners might be liable if construction workers are injured.

For example, suppose that you were injured because the property owners failed to warn you about dangerous areas of the property where you would be working. If parts of the existing building are in disrepair because of wood rot or water damage, the property owners must warn construction workers so they can take proper precautions. If you were injured because you were not warned, you can sue the property owner.

Third Parties

Certain third parties who might not be directly connected to the construction site might still be liable. A common example of a liable third party is a manufacturer of faulty tools or machinery. If you are hurt because a tool malfunctioned, you might be able to sue the manufacturer or even the retailer who sold the defective tool.

Another possibility is that trespassers might have tampered with the construction site, leading to the accident. If our construction accident lawyers can identify the trespassers through security camera footage or witness recollections, we can help you sue them for causing your injuries.

Damages You May Recover in a Waukegan, IL Construction Accident Case

Damages should reflect your expenses, losses, and painful injuries related to the construction accident. Many construction accident victims are badly hurt, and damages may run high. Chief among your damages is your medical bills. Serious injuries tend to lead to extensive medical care and big hospital bills. If you need ongoing treatment or multiple follow-up treatments, the bills might quickly become overwhelming. We can help you make sure the person responsible for your injuries covers these costs.

You might also want to claim the cost of any damaged or destroyed tools and equipment that belong to you. Many workers are expected to provide their own tools, which can be very costly. If your tools were damaged in the accident, we can help you recoup those losses.

A major consideration in damages calculations is the time you lose at work. An injured construction might be unable to work again for a while, and they often lose significant income. We can calculate how much income you have lost and might continue to lose and add it to your damages.

Among your damages are non-economic injuries that did not cost you money but still took a serious toll. For example, the pain and emotional suffering you experience deserve fair compensation. On top of that, you might experience damage to your professional reputation in the construction field. These painful experiences deserve justice.

Do I Really Need a Lawyer for a Construction Injury Claim in Waukegan, IL?

While you do not have to hire a lawyer if you do not want to, hiring one is usually in your best interest. Most people do not know how even to begin a legal claim for damages, let alone navigate the complex judicial system. Our experienced attorneys can get your case started, gather evidence to support your claims, and calculate your damages so that you get the maximum compensation possible.

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