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If you or someone you care about was recently hurt in a vehicle collision, an attorney can help you get the financial compensation you rightly deserve. Many car accident victims encounter extremely high costs from the crash and debilitating injuries.

If you want to pursue legal action after an auto accident, it is best to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. You have a limited time to file a lawsuit before your right to do so expires. When you meet with your lawyer, you should discuss exactly how the crash happened. Was it a head-on collision? Was the other driver intoxicated? Were you or the other driver speeding? These details may help us determine who is at fault and how we can obtain evidence. Evidence may include witnesses, security camera videos, photographs from the crash site, and more. Using this evidence, we can prove your claims and hopefully get your damages covered. Damages should account for things like medical bills, property damage, psychological trauma, physical pain, and more.

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How Much Time You Have to File a Car Accident Case in Skokie, IL

After a crash, you likely need some time to heal from your injuries and talk to a lawyer about your legal options. This is a big decision, and you should take some time to think things through. However, you should avoid taking too long to decide because there is a time limit when you must file your case with the court.

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims, including claims for car accidents, is found under 735 I.L.C.S. § 5/13-202. Under this law, injured accident victims have no more than 2 years from the day the crash happens to file their case. If the deadline passes and nothing has been filed, you might lose your right to file a case for this cause of action.

If the deadline is coming up faster than you thought, our car accident lawyers can look into possibly having the statute of limitations tolled. Tolling essentially pauses the clock that is counting down to your deadline. Under 735 I.L.C.S. § 5/13-211(a), the statute of limitations may be tolled for minors or people with legal disabilities when the accident occurs. Generally, the clock is paused until the plaintiff reaches 18 or their disability is removed.

Depending on your situation, the statute of limitations may not be tolled indefinitely. The statute of repose, which sets an absolute maximum time limit, is found under 735 I.L.C.S. § 5/13-211(b). If you are not under a legal disability when the car accident happens, but a disability accrues sometime later, you have no more than 10 years to file a case. If the disability does not cease during this time, you might be out of time.

How Your Auto Accident Might Have Taken Place in Skokie, IL

One of the first conversations you should have with your attorney is about how your car accident occurred. It is not unusual for injured plaintiffs to have only a few details from the crash. Accidents often happen quickly and can be traumatic. As such, some plaintiffs cannot remember the accident or have only fuzzy memories. It might be necessary to consult the police and review police reports from the accident.

Some accidents are head-on collisions. This usually happens when one vehicle enters an adjacent lane of traffic, which is moving in the opposite direction. Some drivers lose control of their vehicles because their tires are damaged. Others drive so fast they can no longer control their cars. These kinds of accidents can be very serious, as drivers are often hit directly and with significant force.

Drunk driving accidents are another common type of car crash. When drivers are intoxicated, they might be driving extremely fast and recklessly without realizing it. Many drunk drivers say they do not even remember driving. Often, intoxicated drivers have difficulty avoiding collisions because their reflexes are so dulled that they cannot hit the brakes in time.

Speed-related accidents are extremely common. Some drivers always seem to be in a hurry, hitting the accelerator without thinking about the consequences. Speed is perhaps one of the most dangerous factors in an accident because the faster the cars go, the worse the injuries will likely be.

Uncovering Evidence to Support Your Car Accident Claims in Skokie, IL

To get the compensation you need and deserve, we need supporting evidence that proves the defendant negligently caused the crash. An excellent place to start is with other people who were present for the accident. Witnesses might be able to testify about how they saw the defendant driving recklessly, failing to stop at a red light, or something else important.

Many crashes take place near homes and businesses. As such, there might be security camera footage of the accident. We can check with these nearby homes or businesses to see if they still have the footage. Video footage of the crash might be extremely strong evidence, but we should move fast. Video evidence is often deleted if no one comes asking for it.

A common practice in car accidents is for drivers to snap pictures and record videos of the scene. People usually do this so they have something to send to the insurance company. If certain details about the accident are disputed, we can review your videos and photos to see if we have proof. For example, the defendant might argue they were not speeding. However, the extensive damage to your car might say otherwise. Photos of your car immediately after the accident might be extremely important.

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