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A car crash might be a major inconvenience or an outright disaster. Either way, you could have serious injuries and significant damages. A lawyer can help you file a lawsuit to get compensation.

Every day people try to navigate the legal system on their own, but this is not the best idea. You should hire an experienced attorney with knowledge of laws and procedures that you can use to your advantage. To prove your claims, you need evidence showing that the defendant is liable and effective legal arguments to convince the jury of that. Numerous parties might be liable for a car accident, including drivers, businesses, or even government entities. Damages should account for the financial losses you experienced in addition to the mental and physical toll the accident took on your life.

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Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Schaumburg, IL Car Accident Case

Lawsuits are infamously complicated, time-consuming, and frustrating. People often worry that they will invest significant time and work into their case only to lose and end up with nothing. While this is a possibility, hiring an experienced lawyer may help you get the compensation you need and rightly deserve.

While we often think about dramatic legal battles in the courtroom when we think of lawsuits, this is only one small portion of the entire legal process. Most of the work is actually done long before we get to court. An attorney can help you assess your damages and track down evidence to support your claims in a car accident case before your complaint is even filed. Much of this work is required for the complaint and must be done early in your case. Because the work can be overwhelming and mired in legal complexities, it is best to get a good lawyer to help you with the heavy lifting.

Our car accident lawyers can help you find evidence at the accident scene and track down witnesses who might have valuable information. Additionally, we can meet to discuss your potential case in person or remotely, whichever is best for you.

How to Prove Your Claims in a Car Accident Lawsuit in Schaumburg, IL

When we file your complaint, we need to provide complete and specific details about where and how your car accident occurred. We must also explain why we believe the defendant or defendants should be held liable and what evidence we have to support your claims. Without this information, your case cannot go forward. This means evidence and arguments to prove your claims should be prepared well in advance of your court date.

Evidence often comes straight from the scene of the crash, although it might also come from various other places. Physical evidence like bits of the vehicles or even photographs of the vehicles themselves may be helpful in explaining the accident and your injuries. People in the area who saw the crash or have other first-hand knowledge relevant to the case may be called to testify as witnesses. If we find security camera footage depicting the crash, we can show exactly how the accident happened in a video.

Simply having evidence is not enough to convince a jury of your claims. Jurors are free to believe or disregard any evidence presented to them. Even if we have evidence of how the defendant caused the crash, the jury does not have to accept or believe it. As such, we need to develop persuasive arguments to accompany the evidence.

Liability for Schaumburg, IL Car Accidents

When you file a lawsuit for a car accident, it is crucial that we include the right people as defendants. Determining whom to name in your lawsuit can be tricky, as accidents are often complicated. Accidents involving multiple vehicles tend to be especially difficult to piece together, and we might end up suing several drivers before narrowing it down to only a few or just one.

We might need to consult with witnesses or even accident reconstruction experts to figure out whom to hold accountable. Eyewitnesses can help us determine which driver was doing what at the time of the crash. Perhaps one driver says they stopped at the red light before the crash, but an eyewitness driving behind them begs to differ.

Accident reconstruction experts can take evidence from the crash scene, like tire skid marks, information about how the vehicles were damaged, and details from police reports to scientifically recreate how the crash likely happened. Using this information, we can determine who should be held responsible.

Possible Damages in Schaumburg, IL Car Accident Cases

Damages should include all the losses and injuries you incurred because of the car accident. While many damages are rooted in monetary losses and expenses, others are related to the pain you endured after the crash.

Economic damages may be significant in car accident cases. Medical treatment is infamous for being expensive. If you do not have health insurance, there is a good chance that a bad car accident will ruin you financially. You should also claim the costs to repair or replace your vehicle. If personal belongings inside the car were damaged, you can also claim them. On top of all that, you might have lost work because of your injuries. Any income you missed out on should be added to your economic damages.

Non-economic damages are often not rooted in money or financial losses. Instead, they are more subjective and based on the negative impact the accident had on your life. Physical pain and emotional trauma are common in car accidents, and you deserve compensation for those experiences. You can also claim humiliation, damage to your reputation, and an overall loss of enjoyment from your life. Since these damages do not have price tags attached, the jury ultimately decides what they are worth.

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