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Some people dread flying because they are afraid of a potential crash. While crashes occasionally happen, other aviation accidents are far more common, and a lawyer can help you get fair and full compensation.

An aviation accident might involve a plane crash, but accidents in the airport or non-fatal injuries from turbulence are more common. You might be injured on the plane during some harsh turbulence, or you might be injured in the airport before you even board the plane. Your lawyer can help you evaluate your damages, so you get all the compensation you rightfully deserve. Obtaining evidence in these situations might be difficult, as airports and large airlines tend to have all the evidence. Records, security camera footage, and even witnesses might all be under the thumb of the airline, and we are prepared to fight vigorously to get it.

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What is an Aviation Accident in Chicago?

Aviation accidents might involve serious plane crashes, but numerous other accidents and injuries can also occur in and around airplanes. As anyone who has ever flown before can tell you, airports can be very hectic scenes, and accidents occasionally happen.

Injuries on the Plane

Many accidents on planes are the result of pilot or crew negligence. For example, if pilots are not careful, they might be unprepared for patches of rough turbulence. While turbulence is normal and often outside the pilot’s control, they are still responsible for keeping the flight as smooth as possible. If pilots are unprepared for turbulence, the plane might be violently rocked, and passengers might be hurt.

Sometimes, negligence crew members are to blame for accidents. Perhaps while making the rounds with a food or snack cart, a flight attendant lost control of the cart, and it rolled down the aisle before striking you hard enough to injure you.

Some accidents are the result of equipment or mechanical failures. Planes are supposed to be inspected before takeoff. If they are not, or the inspection is not as thorough as it should be, the plane might take off with faulty equipment. The equipment might cause the plane to shake during turbulence or be unable to land smoothly. In such cases, passengers might be badly hurt.

Injuries in the Airport

Many aviation accidents occur while passengers are trying to reach their gates to board the plane. Even something as seemingly minor as an unmarked wet floor could cause a severe slip and fall accident in the airport. Other premises liability issues might include faulty escalators or dangerous elevator accidents.

You might also be hurt in a crowd. Airports are known for being crowded, and a restless or rowdy crowd can be dangerous. Crowds tend to become agitated when airlines delay or cancel flights or provide unreasonably poor service. A person might be stepped on if they fall in the middle of a crowd, and the airport might be liable if they caused the crowd to become upset or if the airport was poorly designed to handle such a crowd.

Injuries from accidents with motorized vehicles are also common. These vehicles are often seen transporting luggage, employees, or passengers around the airport, and they are capable of high speeds. A negligent driver might strike you on your way to your gate, and you might be badly hurt.

Wrongful Deaths

Perhaps the most severe aviation accident is the one all fliers fear the most: a crash. If you lost a loved one in a plane crash, our aviation accident attorneys can help you hold the airline accountable. Plane crashes are often the result of negligent pilots, faulty equipment, or other forms of airline negligence.

These cases often involve numerous passengers and their families, and you might be one of many trying to get fair compensation. Our legal team can help you fight for fair compensation and work alongside other plaintiffs to hold the negligent airline accountable.

Claiming and Recovering Damages in Chicago Aviation Accident Cases

Damages in aviation accidents might be quite considerable. Even accidents that do not appear that serious at first can take a serious financial toll on a plaintiff. Talk to your attorney about your accident to determine what kind of damages you should claim.

Many plaintiffs report a significant financial cost because of their accidents. First, you should claim the cost of medical care for your injuries. You should also claim lost earnings if you cannot return to work after the accident. A major concern among aviation accident victims is the cost of their plane tickets. These tickets can be very expensive, and many people cannot board their flight after an accident. The defendant should have to cover the cost of your ticket.

Your non-economic injuries might be equally staggering. You might have been deeply humiliated depending on where and how your injuries occurred. Being injured in an airport full of people can take a big emotional toll. If you lose a loved one in an aviation accident, the grief might be overwhelming, and the defendant should have to pay fair compensation.

What Kind of Evidence You Need for a Chicago Aviation Accident Case

Evidence will likely come from the airline or the airport involved in your aviation accident. On the one hand, there might be a plethora of photos, security camera videos, and records pertaining to the accident. On the other hand, most of this evidence is probably in the defendant’s custody, and they might be less than willing to hand it over.

We have a right to see relevant evidence in the defendant’s possession, and they should turn everything over to us during the discovery phase of your case. If we suspect that the defendant’s legal team is withholding evidence, we can file motions to compel discovery. Legal sanctions might be in order if they still refuse to hand over the evidence.

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