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If you have been hurt in an accident or because of the negligent or careless actions of another, you might have a personal injury claim on your hands. Talk to our legal team about how you can get compensation for your injuries, costs, and more.

Personal injury law is known for being incredibly broad. All sorts of accidents, injuries, and claims may be considered grounds for personal injury cases. As such, working with a lawyer who knows how to handle a claim like yours is necessary. Our team has experience with various types of claims and is ready to help. Once we know what kind of case you have, the next step is figuring out how to prove your claims in court. Many personal injury cases are based on the defendant’s negligent behavior. We need evidence of the defendant’s negligence and how it caused your accident. We also need evidence of damages, including, but not limited to, monetary costs and emotional distress.

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Types of Personal Injury Claims Our Team Can Help You with in Orland Park, IL

It can be hard to fully wrap your head around exactly what a personal injury case is. The field is very broad, and a vast range of cases may be considered personal injury cases. Generally, personal injury cases involve physical injuries.

One thing many of these claims have in common is the statute of limitations. According to 735 I.L.C.S. § 5/13-202, a plaintiff has only 2 years to file a personal injury case. However, certain types of cases might adhere to different rules. Below are just a few types of cases our personal injury lawyers have handled and can help you with.

Slip and Falls

One of the most common personal injury claims is a slip and fall accident. These kinds of cases might involve an accident as minor as a slip in the grocery store to something as severe as falling down a flight of stairs, or worse. Even so, a minor fall might cause major injuries.

Slip and fall accidents tend to be brushed off or even scoffed at. People often underestimate just how serious a slip and fall accident can be. People have broken bones, hurt their backs, or even suffered brain damage because of a slip and fall.

Automobile Collisions

Another very common personal injury claim is for car crashes. Vehicle accidents happen almost daily, and people are often hurt. Between paying for hospital bills and vehicle repairs, the costs of an accident can quickly add up. Many people cannot afford to be in a car accident.

A lawyer can help you navigate the complex process of filing an insurance claim or a lawsuit. Both the defendant and the insurance company are likely to push back on your claims, and your lawyer can stand up for you so you get fair compensation.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, not everyone survives the accident that caused their injuries. If you lost a family member to an accident that would otherwise be considered a personal injury case, you might have a strong claim for wrongful death.

The statute of limitations for wrongful death cases differs from the one mentioned earlier. According to 740 I.L.C.S. § 180/2(d), you have 2 years from the date of your loved one’s passing to file a case. Under § 180/2(e), you might have as long as 5 years if the death was the result of an intentional violent act.

Damages in wrongful death cases tend to be high, as the plaintiff’s losses are quite serious. A lawyer can make sure you and your family get justice.

Proving Your Personal Injury Claims in Orland Park, IL

Many personal injury cases are based on the defendant’s negligence. If the defendant did not mean to hurt you and claims it was “only an accident,” you are likely going to have to prove negligence.

Proving negligence requires proving four legal elements: duty, causation, breach, and damages. Duty is the legal obligation the defendant owes you. For example, in a car accident, the defendant owes a duty to all other drivers to drive with reasonable safety under the circumstances and to obey the traffic laws.

Next, we must prove how the defendant breached their duty. The breach might be an action or failure to act when they should have. Continuing with the example of a car accident, a breach might involve running a stop sign or drinking and driving.

Causation is the element that connects the breach to the accident. In short, we must prove that the defendant’s breach of duty is the direct cause of the accident.

Finally, we need to prove the extent of your injuries, including medical costs, bodily harm, and other damages.

In some cases, defendants argue that plaintiffs also contributed to the accident, that they should not be held liable, or that their liability should be reduced. Illinois follows a modified comparative negligence rule under 735 I.L.C.S. § 5/2-1116(c). According to this rule, your damages may be reduced in proportion to your responsibility. If your responsibility is more than 50%, you might be barred from recovery.

Damages and Injuries in Orland Park, IL Personal Injury Cases

Damages should account for the losses and painful experiences you have endured because of your accident and the defendant’s actions. A lawyer can review your case to help you evaluate the true extent of your damages and help you make the most of your compensation.

Monetary losses tend to be significant in many accidents. Hospital bills, the value of destroyed property or personal belongings, and missed time at work all come with hefty price tags. On top of that, an accident might be very traumatic, especially if it involves severe injuries or fatalities. You may claim damages for emotional distress, trauma, depression, and more.

How to Begin a Personal Injury Case in Orland Park, IL

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