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There are two important things to know about car accidents. First, they are extremely dangerous. Second, they are very expensive. After a crash, a lawyer can help you get fair compensation to cover your costs while you recuperate.

Your damages should accurately reflect your pain, injuries, and losses. This includes emotional damages alongside economic ones. While you should take your time to decide what you want to do, it is best to speak with a lawyer about filing a lawsuit soon. The statute of limitations begins to count down immediately after the accident, and time might be shorter than you realize. To support your claims, we need evidence showing the court how the defendant is directly responsible for the crash. Exactly what this evidence looks like and how we strategize with it depends on your circumstances. Compensation can be significant, often more significant than injured drivers initially think. Talk to an attorney about your case to get an idea of what your damages are worth.

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Recovering Damages for Your Car Accident Injuries in Springfield, IL

The term “damages” is a legal phrase that refers to the injuries and losses a person experiences because of an accident. Damages may include actual physical damage, monetary losses, and emotional turmoil. While many damages are assessed based on money, others might be totally unrelated to money and are more subjectively evaluated.

Lost Money

If you experienced some economic loss or cost because of the car accident, you should claim that cost as part of your damages. Since car accidents tend to result in severe physical injuries, many plaintiffs claim the cost of medical treatment. In severe cases, medical treatment might go on indefinitely, and plaintiffs can estimate and claim future medical expenses.

Bad injuries might prevent you from returning to your job after the crash. If this happens, your income and livelihood might be affected. Talk to an attorney about how much income you have missed out on so you can claim it among your damages. For those unable to return to work any time soon, you can also claim lost future income.

Do not forget about your vehicle. The cost to repair your damaged car or to completely replace it should be claimed among your damages. You should also include the value of lost or destroyed personal items, like jewelry, laptops, watches, and more.

Emotional Distress

The trauma and suffering you go through after the accident should be claimed among your damages and considered by the jury. In particularly bad accidents, drivers might be injured psychologically. The experience might leave with an unshakable fear, and many injured drivers report feeling depressed or anxious, or have symptoms of PTSD.

Even though these experiences are not directly tied to financial costs, they can still be compensated. Juries typically have the final say on what these damages are worth, so we must show them how deeply they impacted your life.

When You Should Take Legal Action After a Springfield, IL Car Accident

It is understandable to hesitate when deciding whether to take legal action after a car accident. Lawsuits are notoriously difficult, and the outcome is not a sure thing. Many people would rather avoid a lawsuit if possible, but sometimes the damages are just too big to let go. According to 735 I.L.C.S. § 5/13-202, plaintiffs have only 2 years to file personal injury claims before they lose their right to file the claim at all.

If you are not sure whether filing a lawsuit is right for your situation, talk to an attorney anyway. Even if you decide not to pursue a lawsuit, other legal channels might work better for your case. On top of that, the sooner you discuss your case with a lawyer, the sooner they can get to work. If you wait until the deadline to file is too close, your attorney might not have adequate time to prepare.

How to Support Your Car Accident Case in Springfield, IL

Evidence comes in various forms and tends to differ between cases. What works for one case might be totally irrelevant in another. As such, you should talk to your attorney about what evidence you need to support your claims after a car accident.

Evidence of the accident scene itself could be key evidence in your case. If you have photos from the crash, they might shed light on how the accident happened and be entered as evidence. Photos are common in these cases because drivers often take them to show insurance companies. Our car accident lawyers can also investigate dashcam footage or footage from nearby security cameras or traffic cameras.

Witness testimony can be very powerful. Perhaps you exchanged contact information with some people who were nearby and stopped to render aid. If you did not, we can review police reports about the crash to see if the police spoke with any witnesses. If they did, the police reports might contain their names and contact information.

How You Might Receive Financial Compensation for a Car Accident Claim in Springfield, IL

How plaintiffs get paid financial compensation might vary based on the situation. Since all drivers are required by law to carry auto insurance, defendants are usually insured, and their insurance company will likely cover the cost of damages, at least to a certain extent. In some cases, plaintiffs piece together compensation from the defendant’s insurance and their own.

Unfortunately, some defendants choose to drive while uninsured. In that case, they might have to pay your compensation out of their own pockets. This can be problematic when defendants are insolvent or cannot afford to pay. In such cases, we can work with courts to seize assets or garnish the defendant’s wages. Alternatively, we can try to work out an agreement with the defendant for a lump sum settlement or even an installment plan.

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