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Motorcycle riders have every right to be on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers in cars do not care enough to look out for motorcycles, and they cause a lot of accidents. A lawyer can help you sue these negligent drivers for your damages.

Injuries in motorcycle crashes are known for being pretty serious. Lacerations, road rash, broken bones, spinal injuries, and even brain injuries are fairly common. Damages may include astronomical medical bills, property damage, and intense physical pain and emotional turmoil. To prove your damages and injuries in court, we need evidence. Photos or videos from the crash, witness testimony, your medical records, and more should all be investigated. How we find evidence may vary based on who we believe is responsible and how the crash occurred. Generally, negligent drivers in cars cause many motorcycle accidents. Often, these drivers ignore motorcycle riders or lose track of them in blind spots. Your attorney can assist you with all these aspects of your case and more while developing effective legal strategies for the courtroom.

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Injuries and Damages in Skokie, IL Motorcycle Accident Cases

When beginning a legal claim for damages from a motorcycle accident, you and your attorney need to take stock of all your injuries to get an idea of what kind of compensation you are entitled to. Motorcycle crashes tend to be rough, and most people do not walk away without at least a few injuries.

Some of the more common injuries include things like cuts, bruising, and abrasions. Some riders are thrown off their bikes and skid along the pavement, causing intently painful road rash. Broken bones and various soft-tissue injuries are also very common in motorcycle collisions.

Some of the more serious injuries might lead to long-term or even permanent complications or disabilities. For example, some riders end up with damaged spinal cords, causing mobility issues or total paralysis. While helmets can greatly minimize the risk of head injuries, they are not foolproof. Many riders experience minor brain injuries like concussions. Others experience more traumatic brain injuries that lead to serious cognitive impairments.

Serious injuries usually accompany serious damages. Our motorcycle accident lawyers can review your medical bills and add them to your claim. Similarly, we can help you claim the loss of your motorcycle and other personal items that were on your person during the crash. Finally, we should consider damages related to your bodily pain and psychological distress or trauma.

How to Collect Evidence to Support Your Skokie, IL Motorcycle Accident Case

When we begin searching for evidence, we should begin with evidence from the scene. This can be tricky, depending on how quickly law enforcement cleans up the accident scene. When the accident scene is cleared away, much evidence is lost.

It is normal for drivers to take photos and record videos after a crash. This is often for insurance purposes, but these recordings might make for great evidence in a lawsuit. Your pictures and videos might contain important details about the crash, damages, injuries, and people involved.

We should also find people who were present at the accident or have personal knowledge of information relevant to the accident. Witnesses might include people who stopped to help, other drivers who passed by the accident, or passengers in other vehicles. Some witnesses might be named in the police report.

Perhaps the most important testimony in your case is yours. Only you can testify about how the accident affected you. You also have unique insight into how the accident happened because you were directly involved. In cases where other witnesses are few and far between, the plaintiff’s testimony is arguably a key piece of evidence.

Who is to Blame for Your Motorcycle Accident Case in Skokie, IL?

In many cases, drivers in standard cars, trucks, vans, or other vehicles are responsible for motorcycle crashes. This is often a surprise to people who do not ride motorcycles. People often unfairly assume that motorcycle riders are risky by nature and cause most crashes. In reality. Many accidents happen because other drivers cannot be bothered to look out for motorcycles.

Ignoring motorcycle riders on the road is a huge problem. Drivers in cars tend to disregard or flat-out ignore motorcycle riders. When this happens, motorcycle riders are at risk of getting hurt. For example, a driver might not look out for a motorcycle when making a turn and end up hitting a rider next to them.

Blind spots are another big problem. Since motorcycles are smaller, they are more easily hidden in a driver’s blind spots. If the driver does not check their mirrors or over their shoulder, they might hit a motorcycle in their blind spot. To add insult to injury, drivers sometimes try to blame motorcycle riders for being caught in the blind spot. This is a ridiculous argument, as motorcycle riders have every right to be on the road, and drivers have a duty to check their blind spots to stay safe.

What Your Lawyer Can Do for Your Motorcycle Accident Case in Skokie, IL

Hiring an experienced lawyer is critical to the success of your claims. Your lawyer can first review your injuries and assess damages. All damages must be evaluated by the time you file your claim. If certain injuries or losses are accidentally overlooked, they might not be compensated at all. Your attorney should also determine how and where to look for evidence to prove your claims for damages.

A complex yet tedious aspect of a lawsuit is all the paperwork and filings to sort through. An experienced lawyer should know how to draft a strong complaint and submit the necessary paperwork to start your case. They can also navigate the legal procedures needed to bring your claims to court.

Your attorney should also help develop strong arguments and legal strategies for trial. Having all the right evidence is only half the battle. We must argue persuasively and effectively if we are to convince a jury of your claims.

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