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Not every accident or injury results in criminal charges against wrongdoers, but that does not mean you cannot obtain justice. Our team can help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the person who hurt you, and you may get fair compensation.

To start your claim, talk to a lawyer about your injuries. Often, plaintiffs spend weeks or even months with their lawyer just preparing their case before filing it. We need to assess the strength of your claims and possible legal strategies. We must also evaluate your damages and calculate the amount of compensation you rightly deserve. We have to include some evidence of your claims and damages to show the court that your claims have merit and deserve a trial. Our team has experience with numerous personal injury claims. This area of law is very broad, and numerous accidents and injuries may be considered personal injuries. Damages might be quite considerable, depending on the extent of your injuries and losses.

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How to Begin a Claim for Personal Injuries in Peoria, IL

Initiating a claim for personal injuries can be a lot of work. Often, most of the work that goes into a case occurs during the preparation phase, not in the courtroom. To start your case, talk to a lawyer about your injuries, potential damages, and effective legal strategies.

When getting your claim ready, our personal injury attorneys will assess your injuries to determine the extent of your damages. Although damages are not awarded until the end of a case, they must be evaluated and claimed at the very beginning. A thorough assessment is important because adding damages we forgot about might be difficult once the case is filed.

On top of that, we need to find some evidence to support your claims. Without evidence, the court will think your claims are baseless and possibly reject your case. We do not have to have all the evidence, but we at least need some to show your claims have merit.

When ready, we can draft and file your formal complaint with the courts. At the same time, we must make sure that the defendant is served with proper notice of the lawsuit. Notice requirements are very strict, and your whole case might be in jeopardy if notice is not served.

Examples of Personal Injury Accidents and Injuries in Peoria, IL

There are numerous legal claims a person might file, and personal injury claims make up a very large portion of cases filed annually. Personal injury law is vast, and a wide assortment of injuries and accidents are included. If you experienced some bodily injury at the hands of another, you might have a personal injury claim. Below are some cases and claims our office has handled and can help you with.

Construction Accidents

Construction zones are known for being dangerous, and the general public is supposed to be kept out. When accidents happen, construction workers or people passing by might be hurt. Falling accidents and injuries from tools and machinery are very common. An attorney can help you determine what created the hazardous conditions on the site and determine who is responsible.

Auto Collisions

Accidents on the road are among the most commonly filed personal injury claims. Whether your accidents resulted in minor damage or you were left with devastating injuries, you deserve fair compensation from the other negligent driver. Speed, failing to signal, reckless driving, and intoxication behind the wheel are common causes of auto accidents.

Nursing Home Injuries

Some injuries happen when we are in extremely vulnerable positions. If your loved one was injured in a nursing home, our team can help you and your loved one sue for damages. People who live in nursing homes often need assistance caring for themselves, and they rely heavily on nursing home staff. When the people in charge are negligent, nursing home residents get hurt.

Slip and Falls

Sometimes, people disregard injuries from slip and fall accidents. Often, these kinds of accidents are more embarrassing than dangerous. However, in some accidents, victims are very badly hurt. If you were injured in a slip and fall accident, you can sue the owner of the property where your accident happened. Property owners have a legal obligation to make their property safe for guests. This includes private homeowners and business owners.

Accidents at Work

People are injured at work all the time. Whether you work in an office, in a factory, or you travel for work, you can sue the person or people responsible for the accident. Often, employers are responsible for creating dangerous working environments that lead to harmful accidents. Other times, third parties might be implicated. For example, you might sue the manufacturer of faulty equipment that injured you while you were working.

Wrongful Death

If an accident or other personal injury results in death, the family of the victim may sue the negligent party for wrongful death. For example, if your family member passed away after being hurt in a car accident, you can sue the driver responsible. Damages in these kinds of claims can be high, and you can claim damages for your losses in addition to the losses experienced by your loved one before they passed away.

Train and Aviation Accidents

People rely on transportation services like trains and airplanes for their travel needs. If the train or airline creates unsafe conditions that lead to accidents, you might have a strong personal injury claim. Remember, the plane or train does not necessarily have to be involved in a crash or collision. Even slip and fall accidents on the train or in the airport may lead to worthwhile claims.

Medical Malpractice

If you are hurt by a doctor’s negligence, you can sue them for providing medical treatment that did not meet standards of care, resulting in your injuries. Surgeries gone wrong, misdiagnoses, mismanagement of medication, and a failure to advise or warn about treatment risks are common examples of medical malpractice claims.

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