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If you have ever driven on a major highway, you have likely driven alongside a huge eighteen-wheeler truck. Just being next to such a massive vehicle is intimidating. An accident with a truck could be deadly.

You should talk to a lawyer if you were recently hurt in a truck collision around Orland Park. Truck accidents do not always happen like car accidents. These are extremely large, heavy vehicles, and accidents tend to be severe. Your lawyer can assist you with determining how the crash happened, who is at fault, and how to collect evidence. We should also focus on assessing your damages, such as hospital bills, the cost of property damage, psychological distress, and more. Various people and parties might be responsible for the crash. Truckers, trucking companies, and other drivers on the road should be investigated. To prove your case, we need evidence. If you have photos from the scene, contact information for witnesses, or anything else to help us prove your claims, discuss it with your lawyer.

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Examples of Truck Accidents and How They Might Happen in Orland Park, IL

Truck accidents are often much larger than normal car accidents and tend to affect multiple drivers. You might not be the only injured driver seeking legal action. Our truck accident attorneys can help you determine how your accident happened so we can hold the appropriate people accountable and determine where to find evidence.

Jackknife Accident

A jackknife accident occurs when the truck and trailer go in opposite directions. The truck might swerve to the right or left, but the trailer continues pushing forward. The truck and trailer create an L-shape and might swerve all over the road. In many cases, jackknife accidents are caused by excessive speed. The trucker might have been speeding when they suddenly hit the brakes. Unfortunately, the trailer did not slow down at the same rate as the tuck, causing the whole thing to jackknife.

Rollover Accident

A rollover accident is exactly what it sounds like. This kind of truck accident occurs when the truck and trailer tip over on the highway. In such accidents, drivers alongside the truck might be crushed, and drivers and passengers might be badly or even fatally injured.

Several factors might be the cause of a rollover crash. For example, if heavy cargo in a trailer is not loaded properly, it might cause the trailer to become unbalanced and roll over. Speeding, sharp turns, and general reckless driving might also play important roles.

Head-On Collisions

A head-on collision may be one of the most frightening and deadly types of truck crashes. These crashes tend to happen quickly, and drivers often have little time to get out of the way. Truckers might try to slow down, but trucks are extremely heavy and cannot stop on a dime. The trucker might have made a wrong turn and started driving in the wrong direction down a one-way road. Another possibility is that the driver is intoxicated or fell asleep and swerved into the opposite lane. Damages in these accidents can be extremely high, and you should talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

Possible Damages in Truck Accident Cases in Orland Park, IL

Your damages in a truck accident case may be quite high. Major costs that many truck accident victims face include significant medical bills. For many, injuries after a truck collision are extreme, and extensive emergency medical care is required. Such care is rarely affordable. Even with health insurance to help you, you might have to pay steep out-of-pocket expenses for things like deductibles or anything your insurance does not cover.

We should also remember to include the value of your vehicle and personal belongings inside it. Your vehicle might be extremely important to your everyday life. You need it to go to work, school, pick up your kids, and more. Repairing or replacing your car after a crash can be very expensive, and the costs should be included in your damages.

You might have extreme difficulty returning to work after the crash, and you might lose significant wages as a result. We can help you claim the income you have lost so far and will continue to lose the longer you cannot return to work.

Pain and suffering are considered non-economic damages as they are unrelated to money but still deserve compensation. Your bodily pain might be excruciating, and the psychological toll of the accident might feel insurmountable. We will make sure these damages are included in your case.

Who Should Be Held Accountable for an Orland Park, IL Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be very large incidents affecting numerous drivers. How they happen might shed light on who is to blame and how they can be brought to justice. Below are some common examples of people and parties who might be responsible for a truck crash.


As you can probably imagine, truckers are held responsible for many truck accidents. They are often named as the primary defendants in many accident lawsuits. Fortunately, truckers must carry auto insurance designed for commercial drivers that can help cover your damages.

Some examples of trucker negligence might include driver fatigue, inexperienced drivers, and speed.

Driver fatigue is a serious problem throughout the trucking industry. Truckers are often required to be on the road for days at a time. They need to stop to rest regularly to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. Inexperienced drivers are another problem. They often lack the skills and experience to act appropriately in an emergency, such as when a truck skids on ice or is cut off by another car. Speed tends to be a problem in many accidents. The faster the truck is going, the worse the crash will be.

Trucking Businesses

We should consider suing the trucking company that hired the trucker involved in your crash. Generally, if an employee is held legally liable for an accident, their employer might also be held liable. Under the legal doctrine of respondeat superior, when employees negligent cause injuries while performing normal job duties, their employer may be held vicariously liable. This might be a good idea to include in your case, as truck companies often have more financial resources to help pay for damages.

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