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Calling an Uber or Lyft is so fast and simple that it is no wonder these ridesharing services have exploded in popularity. While people often jump into these vehicles every day, accidents are possible, and people often get hurt.

Accidents with Uber and Lyft vehicles often happen because drivers are in such a hurry to drop off riders so they can earn more money. Distractions behind the wheel and tired drivers are also common causes of crashes. After the accident, talk to your lawyer about whom to sue. Uber or Lyft drivers and other drivers might be to blame. The companies Uber and Lyft are typically shielded from liability, but you should talk to your attorney anyway. Evidence might come from the driver’s ridesharing app if we can get it. We can also talk to witnesses and use details from police reports to back up your claims. Depending on your injuries, damages might be high. Medical bills, property destruction, and intense psychological suffering should all be evaluated.

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What Causes Accidents with Lyft and Uber Vehicles in Palatine, IL?

Calling a rideshare service is often necessary for people who need to get around and have no transportation of their own, and public transit might be lacking. Unfortunately, accidents happen all the time.

One major reason for many rideshare car accidents is hasty Uber and Lyft drivers. They are paid based on the distance they drive and the number of rides they complete. In short, the more passengers a driver can pick up and drop off in a day, the more money they earn. This incentivized drivers to drive quickly and perhaps a bit too hastily. Such driving is more likely to cause an accident.

Distracted drivers are also common in Lyft and Uber collisions. These drivers use their ridesharing apps to navigate routes and pick up passengers. As such, drivers tend to be fixated on their phones rather than the road. Phones in the car are a common problem, and Uber and Lyft accidents are no exception.

In some cases, an accident occurs because of tired drivers. For many, driving for Uber or Lyft is not a side hustle. It is their primary source of income, and they spend most of their day on the road. After driving all day, a driver might be particularly tired and doze off, leading to a bad collision.

Parties to Sue After an Uber or Lyft Accident in Palatine, IL

Our Uber and Lyft accident lawyers can help you assess the details of the crash and determine which parties should be named in your case. Injured plaintiffs sometimes fixate on only one defendant they believe is the most responsible when, in reality, multiple defendants may be included in the case and brought to justice.

We can help you sue the driver of the rideshare vehicle involved in the accident if they are at fault. If you were a passenger in the rideshare car and the accident was a single-vehicle crash, the driver might be the only person we name. If another vehicle and driver are involved, we might name the other driver, too, depending on whether they contributed to the accident.

Generally, plaintiffs cannot sue the companies Lyft or Uber because they are shielded from liability. Ordinarily, when an employee causes harm through their own negligent behavior, their employer may be held vicariously liable if the employee was acting within the normal scope of their job. This is not normally the case with Uber and Lyft accidents.

Uber and Lyft drivers are not considered employees of these companies. Instead, they are classified as independent contractors because they choose when and for how long they work. As such, we likely cannot sue the company for the driver’s negligence. Even so, talk about it with your lawyer.

Collecting Evidence to Use in Your Palatine, Il Lyft or Uber Accident Case

Various pieces of evidence and information might be paramount to the success of your case. We can begin by gathering data from the rideshare app. For example, if you were the passenger in an Uber when it collided with another vehicle, we need to prove you were indeed a passenger. Data from the app showing you were paired with the defendant driver and picked up before the accident may be critical to your claims.

We should also investigate for witnesses. Crashes often involve multiple vehicles, drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. If anyone was nearby when the accident happened, or other drivers stopped to render aid, they might testify in court about what they saw.

Police reports are not typically admissible in court because they violate the rule against hearsay evidence. Even so, details in the report from the police’s investigation may be useful and guide us to other admissible evidence. For example, if we are trying to track down witnesses, the police might have spoken to a few and included their names in the report.

Available Damages in Palatine, IL Uber and Lyft Accident Cases

Damages should account for things like physical injuries, monetary costs, and psychological distress from the accident. If you mistakenly leave out certain damages from your complaint, you may not be compensated for them, even if you can prove them.

Property damage may be quite extensive. If you were driving your own vehicle when you were hit by an Uber or Lyft driver, you can claim costly vehicle repairs as part of your damages. If you were a passenger in Lyft or Uber, you might have lost personal items, like your phone or a wedding ring. The cost to replace these items should also be claimed.

Medical expenses might be off the charts, especially if your injuries are severe. Even a single trip to the hospital might run you thousands of dollars. Keep track of every time you go to the doctor and save all your medical bills to review with your attorney.

Non-economic injuries are painful experiences that do not necessarily cost actual money. For example, you can claim the physical pain from your injuries as part of your damages. You can also claim any feelings of psychological distress or trauma. People tend to be mentally affected by these experiences for years, and you deserve fair compensation.

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