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A crash with a large truck is one of the most terrifying accidents a driver can encounter. Injuries tend to be severe, and damages may be very high. A lawyer will help you fight for fair financial compensation.

After a truck accident, talk to your lawyer about how everything happened so they can help you figure out who is responsible. Truck drivers, their employers, and various other parties are often implicated in the accident. One or several might ultimately be held liable in court. The responsible parties should be made to cover your numerous damages, including economic losses related to medical treatment, property damage, and non-economic injuries like pain and suffering. To prove your claims, we need to explain how the accident happened. A few common causes include fatigued truckers, improperly loaded cargo, and high rates of speed. Immediately after a crash, you should call for help, speak to others at the scene, take photos of the crash, and call an attorney.

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People Who Should Be Held Accountable in Skokie, IL Truck Accident Cases

Truck crashes are infamous for being large-scale accidents affecting multiple drivers and causing massive amounts of damage. You might have an idea of who caused the accident, but you should speak to an attorney before taking legal action. It is possible that other people you did not suspect are somehow involved.


Perhaps the most commonly accused party in a truck accident is the truck driver. This is usually for a good reason. Many truck accidents stem from some kind of trucker negligence. Truck drivers must be trained and obtain special licensing to be able to drive these vehicles. Like all drivers, they are obligated to drive with reasonable safety under the current road conditions and circumstances while following traffic laws. Failing to fulfill this duty might cause a severe collision.

Truck Businesses

While many plaintiffs know they can hold the truck driver responsible for causing a crash, they often do not know they can also sue the truck driver’s employer, depending on the factors surrounding the accident. This is usually a good idea and should be considered, as trucking companies tend to have more financial resources and might be better able to pay for your damages.

Generally, when an employee behaves negligently while in furtherance of their normal job duties and causes injuries, their employer may be held vicariously liable. For example, if a truck driver was on the road as part of their normal job duties and fell asleep at the wheel, causing a major crash, the truck company they work for may be named in a subsequent lawsuit.

Other Responsible Parties

Additional parties might be involved in the accident. These parties sometimes come to light after a thorough investigation by the authorities. One possibility is that we learn the accident happened because the truck had defective brakes. In that case, our truck accident lawyers can sue the brake manufacturer.

Another possible outcome is that we learn that another driver or several other drivers contributed to the accident. Maybe another driver cut off the truck or suddenly swerved into its path while the trucker was speeding. The trucker, in an attempt to avoid hitting the first driver, slams the brakes, but the truck ends up toppling over. In that situation, both the negligent driver who cut off the trucker and the speeding trucker can be held responsible.

Potential Damages in a Skokie, IL Truck Accident Case

Injuries and damages in truck crashes are famous for being severe. Many victims are so badly hurt they never fully recover. While courts cannot undo the damage you experienced, they may award financial compensation to make up for what you have lost.

Economic damages are based on the monetary costs of the accident. Medical expenses are perhaps some of the largest costs of a car accident. Even small injuries might lead to giant hospital bills. More serious injuries might involve long-term medical treatment and future medical expenses.

Another major expense to consider is your property. Plaintiffs often report extensive damage to their vehicles, many of which are totaled and beyond repair. Moreover, you might also lose valuable personal items inside your car during the crash. We can help you add up these costs to get an idea of your total economic damages.

Non-economic losses are more subjective. These damages tend to be related to painful experiences rather than specific sums of money. You might claim damages for the unbearable physical pain you endured in addition to serious mental trauma and anguish.

What to Do Immediately After a Truck Crash in Skokie, IL

After a collision with a truck, it is imperative that you take certain steps to get help and protect your legal interests. First, call for emergency help. Call 911, explain what happened, and make sure the police and an ambulance are sent to the scene immediately. If you are hurt and cannot call for help, someone at the scene should be able to do it for you. In many cases, the trucker is the one who calls for help.

If you can safely exit your car, take pictures, and get the names of people around you. Doing so might make it much easier for you and your attorney to obtain evidence later. Your photos might be introduced as evidence in a trial, and we need the names of others at the scene so we can find them later and possibly have them testify. If you are hurt, just wait for help to arrive.

Be careful about what you say to others. Your words might be twisted and used against you later. Even simply apologizing to another driver might be twisted into admitting wrongdoing.

Get to a hospital immediately. We might need your medical records as evidence, and the sooner you get treatment, the more accurate and reliable your medical records might be. You should also talk to the police about the accident. They might need your statement for their report.

Finally, call a lawyer. The sooner you get to work on building a case, the more likely you will be successful.

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