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Amazon has become one of the common go-to delivery options for people ordering online. This means more and more Amazon delivery vehicles are on the road, and accidents with these vehicles are becoming more commonplace.

After an accident with an Amazon delivery vehicle, many injured victims want to know if they can sue Amazon for their damages. This is not always possible, as many drivers are legally not considered Amazon employees but are instead independent contractors. However, your attorney can help you look into this and determine if suing Amazon is possible. You likely can sue the driver who hit you and possibly others involved in the crash. Evidence to maintain your claims should include medical records of your injuries, documentation of the crash scene, witnesses, police reports, and anything else we can gather. We will need as much evidence as possible to support your claims for damages, including economic losses and painful physical and emotional experiences.

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Can I Sue Amazon After an Accident with an Amazon Delivery Vehicle in Palatine, IL?

When your accident involves an Amazon delivery vehicle, you might wonder whether you have a valid claim against the Amazon company. This would be a massive legal undertaking, as Amazon is a giant company with a powerful legal department. Whether or not you can sue Amazon for your injuries may depend on the unique factors of your accident.

Under the legal principle of respondeat superior, an employer may be held vicariously liable for injuries caused by a negligent employee acting within the scope of their job. If the delivery driver who hit you is classified as an Amazon employee, we might have a chance to sue the company for your damages. However, this is not always the case.

In many accident cases, plaintiffs probably cannot sue Amazon because the drivers involved in the accident are not considered Amazon employees. Instead, many Amazon delivery drivers either work for other delivery companies that deliver for Amazon or they are independent contractors.

Our Amazon delivery vehicle accident attorneys can help you check with Amazon and the driver to determine their employment status. If they are in fact an Amazon employee, we should consider including Amazon in our case. If not, we can explore other options for compensation.

Who You Can Sue After an Amazon Delivery Vehicle Accident in Palatine, IL

Whether Amazon is a possible defendant in your case should be discussed with your attorney. Even so, there are other defendants to consider including. In cases where Amazon is shielded from liability, these parties might be the only ones we can hold accountable for the accident.

First, we should examine the delivery driver for possible liability. Many accidents involving Amazon delivery vehicles are the direct result of negligent drivers. The delivery driver might have been speeding to make more deliveries. This is not unheard of, as Amazon has garnered a reputation for fast deliveries. Alternatively, the driver might have been distracted by their GPS device, which gives them directions to their next delivery.

We should also consider the possibility of suing a third-party delivery service. Amazon often partners with local delivery companies to make deliveries for them. These Delivery Service Partners, as Amazon calls them, often have their own employees making deliveries for Amazon. In such a case, the Delivery Service Partner might not be shielded from liability like Amazon might be, and we can include them in the case.

Evidence You Need to Maintain a Lawsuit for an Amazon Delivery Vehicle Accident in Palatine, IL

When taking legal action for an Amazon delivery vehicle accident, we need as much evidence as we can find. This is especially crucial if we are suing the company Amazon. We should start by gathering official copies of your medical records. There is a good chance that the defendant will dispute the extent of your injuries in an effort to reduce their liability. Your medical records may serve as official documentation of your injuries and may be used to establish how badly you were hurt.

We should also gather any documentation of the accident scene we have. This often includes videos and pictures from the crash. People often take these pictures and videos to show to insurance companies, but they may also be presented as evidence in court. Depending on what they depict, these recordings might be incredibly important.

Police reports might also be useful in your case but are likely not admissible. Even so, we might find other evidence detailed in the report. Police reports are considered hearsay and are usually inadmissible in court. However, the report might lead us to other admissible evidence.

Often, accidents on the road are not isolated events. Numerous other people nearby might have seen you get hit by the Amazon delivery vehicle. If we can track down those witnesses, they might testify in court. We might find the names of witnesses interviewed by the police in the police report.

Damages Commonly Claimed in Amazon Delivery Vehicle Accident Cases in Palatine, IL

Your own vehicle might be badly damaged after a collision with an Amazon delivery vehicle. Whether your car needs extensive repairs or a total replacement, you might be in for significant expenses. Keep track of your auto repair bills and any communication with an auto mechanic, and they might be needed to help prove how much these damages are worth.

Your medical might also be substantial. In many cases, the cost of medical care is so large that it makes up the bulk of a plaintiff’s damages claims. Auto accidents can be unpredictable when it comes to injuries and medical costs. Some people incur only minor injuries, while others suffer debilitating injuries with long-term complications. Either way, hospital bills may be costly.

Some injuries are unrelated to money. In fact, they might not cost you any money at all. For example, the physical pain from your injuries and the psychological trauma of the crash do not cost anything but might leave you with deep physical and emotional scars. Your painful experiences deserve compensation.

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