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Many people rely on public and private busses for transportation throughout Aurora, IL. Unfortunately, many of these vehicles are involved in harmful crashes. Victims of such accidents often suffer highly painful and debilitating injuries.

There are multiple different parties that can be liable for bus accidents. For potential plaintiffs, determining fault is a crucial step toward obtaining financial compensation. Assistance from competent legal representation can be immensely valuable when investigating the source of your crash.

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Parties Who May Be at Fault for Your Bus Accident in Aurora, IL

In order to obtain payment for your bus accident injuries, you will need to establish fault for your crash. There are several parties who can be responsible for the accident you suffered. Our bus accident attorneys can help evaluate the strength of your potential claim against any of the following defendants:

Bus Driver

A high number of bus accidents happen because of bus drivers’ negligence. For example, a crash may occur because the operator of a bus was driving distracted, speeding, or disobeying traffic signals. If your accident is related to a bus driver’s negligence, then you may be able to sue them for the damages you sustained.

Bus Companies

Some busses are owned and operated by private companies. After accidents involving these busses, victims may be able to file claims against the vehicles’ owners. For instance, an accident may happen because a bus company failed to properly maintain the headlights on their vehicle. In that case, the at-fault bus company could be held accountable for the damages suffered by victims.

Other Drivers

Furthermore, you may be able to sue another, third-party driver for your bus accident injuries. There are several potential situations where other drivers may be held accountable for crashes involving large busses. As an example, a bus may suffer a highway accident because another driver committed an illegal lane change. After that crash, injured parties would have grounds to sue the motorist who caused their crash.

Government Entities

While some busses are owned by private companies, others are operated by government entities. These entities may be sued by bus accident victims. However, filing a case against a government entity can be a highly complex process. Support from our legal team is very helpful when pursuing such a claim.

Manufacturers Defective Parts

Finally, some bus accidents happen because vehicles are equipped with poorly manufactured parts. For instance, a bus may crash because of a malfunctioning brake component. In that case, those who were injured because of the crash may have grounds to sue the defective part’s manufacturer.

Damages Available in Your Aurora, IL Bus Accident Lawsuit

The amount of compensation awarded in a bus accident lawsuit can vary depending on multiple factors surrounding the plaintiff’s case. During a free review of your potential case, our team can explain which of the following damages may be available to you:

Medical Expenses

You can acquire payment for any medical bills stemming from treatment for your bus accident injuries. All expenses related to your past, current, and future treatment may be accounted for. For example, the cost of your ambulance ride, hospital bills, surgical treatment, and prescription medication may all be reimbursed.

These damages are regularly established by presenting victims’ medical records. Accordingly, you should see a physician quickly after suffering your crash. If you fail to obtain medical documentation for your injuries, then you may be unable to recover monetary damages.

Lost Wages

Lost wages are another type of damages that may be awarded in bus accident cases. If your injury forced you to miss time at work, then the defendant in your case may have to pay for any lost wages you suffered. Usually, compensation for lost income is quantified using the average amount of payment you earn per week.

Also, some of those injured because of bus accidents are permanently unable to work going forward. If your injury restricts your ability to work in the future, then you may be entitled to compensation for your lost earning capacity.

Property Damage

Property damage is another type of loss suffered by many bus accident victims. Fortunately, defendants in bus accident lawsuits can be held responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing plaintiffs’ damaged property. For example, your car may have been totaled as the result of your bus accident. In that case, you would be able to sue the defendant for the cost of your vehicle’s replacement.

Pain and Suffering

Some bus accident victims undergo immense physical pain because of their injuries. For instance, injuries like burns, spinal cord damage, and broken bones can all be highly painful. Fortunately, plaintiffs in bus accidents lawsuits may recover payment for the pain they incurred.

Additionally, plaintiffs may be entitled to compensation for the emotional anguish stemming from their injuries. For instance, a parent who sustains a brain injury because of a bus accident may be unable to play with their children after their accident. In that case, the victim may pursue monetary damages for the emotional distress they experienced.

Out-of-Pocket Expenses

Finally, you may also be awarded payment for a range of out-of-pocket expenses you suffered because of your bus accident. As an example, you may need to pay for help with transportation to your doctor’s appointments after your crash. Those expenses could be included in your case against the at-fault party.

These damages will usually be established using receipts. Therefore, you should try to keep the receipts for any expenses related to your bus accident and the injuries it caused. Afterwards, our team will help recover payment for the losses you sustained.

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