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While all vehicular collisions are serious, truck accidents are known for being extreme. Injuries can be devastating, and a lot of financial compensation might be on the line in a lawsuit. It would be best to speak to an attorney about filing your claim and getting the compensation you deserve.

Your attorney should have the skills to help you prepare arguments, develop legal strategies, and prepare legal filings like the complaint and pretrial motions. Damages are often rooted in the money plaintiffs had to spend because of the accident (e.g., medical bills, vehicle repairs, lost work) and emotional or psychological injuries. Determining who should be held responsible is also tricky, as truckers and trucking companies might be implicated. To get evidence, we can help you scour for physical evidence, witnesses, security camera footage, and records from the crash.

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Why You Need an Attorney for an Aurora, IL Truck Accident Case

Hiring an attorney for your truck accident case should be your first step. Although plaintiffs might be tempted to handle their claims alone, often under the assumption that they will save money in legal fees, you are far less likely to be successful without a lawyer. Ultimately, you could lose your case and, even though you saved money on legal fees, are still left with huge debts from your unpaid damages.

One important way your attorney can help you is by preparing the complaint. The complaint is the filing that initiates your lawsuit. Complaints are very formal documents that must contain specific information. If any details are lacking, the complaint might be thrown out, and our truck accident attorneys would need to start all over again. In short, complaints should contain information about why we believe the defendant should be liable, evidence, damages, and compensation.

Many of the ways in which your attorney might help you come up before your trial begins. Contrary to popular belief, the bulk of an attorney’s job happens before ever setting foot in the courtroom. Preparing legal strategies and arguments takes time, and your attorneys should have the skills and experience to determine the most effective strategies.

In addition, there might be other filings and forms to deal with. For example, pretrial motions settle many issues before the case goes to trial. If there is a particular issue you believe the defendant should not be permitted to bring up, your attorney can file a pretrial motion to prevent the issue from entering the trial.

Potential Damages in Truck Accident Lawsuits in Aurora, IL

The term “damages” refers to how a plaintiff was injured because of an accident. Your injuries include physical harm and financial and emotional injuries and losses. It is important to understand that damages are broad, and plaintiffs are often injured in ways they do not immediately realize. An attorney can help you properly identify and evaluate your damages to get the most compensation possible.

A good place to begin evaluating damages is with money. Many injuries cost plaintiffs a lot of money. For example, medical bills and replacing a destroyed vehicle can be financially crippling. Without compensation from liable defendants, many plaintiffs would be unable to make ends meet. In addition, plaintiffs are often so injured that they cannot go back to work for a while, and they lose income as a result. The costs of your accident, in addition to lost earnings, should be accounted for in your damages.

Damages are not always related to monetary expenses. Many injuries do not cost money but deserve compensation, nonetheless. Non-economic injuries include emotional and psychological injuries. You can also claim damages for the physical pain of the injuries you endured. Truck accidents can be catastrophic, near-death experiences that leave survivors with a maelstrom of trauma that takes years to overcome. While such injuries might not be financially costly, they still should be accounted for in your legal claims.

People Responsible for Your Truck Accident Damages in Aurora, IL

Various parties might be involved in your truck accident, and determining who should or should not be named in your lawsuit might be challenging. In some cases, the liability of one party is more obvious, while other liable parties might fly under the radar.


One of the more obvious parties in a truck accident lawsuit is the truck driver. Often, they are considered the primary defendant since they are usually directly responsible for causing the crash, and the liability of other parties might be related to the truck driver.

Truck drivers often cause accidents by committing common traffic violations. While speeding or failing to fully stop at a stop sign are common, that does not mean they are not dangerous. People could be hurt or killed when such violations involve a huge eighteen-wheeler truck.

Another common way truckers cause accidents is by falling asleep at the wheel. Employers often push drivers to drive continuously without breaks, making them very tired and prone to dozing off. It only takes a few seconds for a tired driver to close their eyes and cause a massive collision.

Truck Driver Employers

While our efforts might focus heavily on how the truck driver caused the crash, we must not overlook the trucking company’s liability. Employers can be held liable for injuries caused by an employee’s negligent actions. For example, a truck driver might cause an accident by being negligent behind the wheel, and they and their employer may be liable for any injuries.

Generally, employers are only vicariously liable for injuries if the employee who caused the injuries was acting within the scope of their job. If the trucker was driving without authorization or perhaps intentionally caused the accident in a fit of road rage, their employer might not be liable.

Including the trucking company in your lawsuit is important because they often have a lot of insurance that can help you cover your expenses. In addition, the trucker might have been badly hurt in the accident and passed away. While it might be possible to sue their estate, we can remain focused on the employer.

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