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There are many beautiful areas around Aurora for pedestrians to enjoy. However, pedestrian accidents are common, especially with the traffic caused by being just outside of Chicago.

If you have been injured by a negligent driver, you deserve to be compensated. To do this, you should consider filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit. There is no shortage of ways for drivers to injure pedestrians but proving a case can be difficult without the help of our experienced pedestrian accident lawyers. After getting medical attention for you injuries, reach out to our team to determine the right steps to take next to ensure you get the justice for your injuries.

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Typical Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Aurora, IL

In Aurora, pedestrian accidents can occur due to various reasons. These accidents can result in significant damages, but our pedestrian accident attorneys are here to assist you in recovering the compensation you are entitled to. Thus, it is crucial to consider the circumstances surrounding your injuries, as they will impact the legal approach taken in your case. The following are a few of the most common causes of pedestrian accidents in Aurora:

Distracted Driving

Driving while distracted can be extremely hazardous as even a momentary lapse in attention can lead to a serious accident. In addition, distracted driving is against the law in Aurora. One of the most prevalent forms of distraction is texting while driving, which has become a major cause of pedestrian injuries. It is the responsibility of every driver to operate their vehicle with care and without being distracted.


In Aurora, pedestrian accidents are often caused by speeding drivers who do not notice pedestrians in time to avoid hitting them. Unfortunately, in such scenarios, the driver’s vehicle is often moving too quickly to come to a safe stop, resulting in a higher likelihood of severe injuries or fatalities.

Improper Turns

Improper turns are also a frequent cause of pedestrian accidents in Aurora. When making a turn at a red light or stop sign, it is crucial for drivers to yield to pedestrians who have the right of way. If they fail to do so, the consequences can be catastrophic as they may hit a pedestrian without even noticing them. Pedestrians should also avoid jaywalking across busy streets, as it can impact their chances of receiving compensation in case of an accident does occur.

Disobeying Traffic Signals

It is unfortunate that pedestrian accidents are often the result of drivers disregarding traffic signals or failing to yield at stop signs and crossings. To ensure the safety of pedestrians, drivers must stop at traffic lights and adhere to other signs that indicate when to yield to pedestrians. Further, pedestrians are at greater risk of danger when walking at night, especially in areas with poor visibility or no streetlights nearby. To stay safe and avoid injury or worse, pedestrians should follow traffic signals and remain aware of their surroundings at all times.

Hit and Runs

When a pedestrian is left injured on the street with no aid from the driver involved in the accident, they can still pursue damages. Unfortunately, some drivers tend to panic and flee the scene after striking a pedestrian, especially if they were at fault due to a traffic violation such as drunk driving or texting. Identifying the driver in a hit-and-run accident can be challenging, but any information the victim can recall could assist law enforcement in locating the perpetrator. We will also collaborate with law enforcement and conduct independent investigations to help bring the responsible driver to justice.

Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) is a significant contributor to pedestrian accidents in Aurora and throughout Illinois. When drivers operate a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, their judgment and reaction time are critically impaired, increasing the risk of deadly accidents. Unfortunately, intoxicated drivers may not even react in time to avoid hitting pedestrians and could flee the scene to avoid criminal charges. If you are injured by a drunk driver, you might be entitled to additional damages intended to punish the offending party.

What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident in Aurora, IL

Dealing with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident can be difficult. However, there are numerous ways to increase your chances of holding the negligent person responsible. It is crucial to document the incident, so it is recommended that you call 911 immediately after the accident and take pictures of the scene. Seeking medical attention should also be a priority so that you document your injuries. After that, do not hesitate to contact our firm for guidance on the next steps to take.

Call 911

To seek justice for your injuries following a pedestrian accident, the initial step is to contact the police. If the individual who hit you has left the scene, it is highly recommended that you call 911 right away and report the incident. When you inform the police, you guarantee that your account is recorded and that any proof at the location is maintained for later investigation by our lawyers and investigators. Also, the police report produced for your accident will serve as evidence in your case and can help identify other important details and witnesses to your accident.

Gather Evidence

If you are physically able, we advise that you collect evidence while you are still at the scene of the accident. This involves obtaining the names and contact details of witnesses or other drivers who may have witnessed the incident. In the event that the driver who caused the accident stops to offer assistance, make sure to obtain their license and insurance information.

Additionally, it is important to take pictures and videos of all damaged vehicles and any injuries sustained by yourself. This evidence will be crucial when calculating your damages and determining liability at a later stage. This can usually be done with your phone. Photos help significantly when painting a picture of your accident for the court later.

Get Medical Care

It is crucial to get immediate medical attention after a pedestrian accident, regardless of the severity of your injuries. A thorough examination by a medical professional is necessary to detect any potential internal injuries or fractures. In addition, your medical records will serve as proof of treatment and the likely cause of your injuries. Keep in mind that delaying medical care can negatively affect the compensation you receive in the future as the other party will try to argue that your injuries are not that severe if you wait to get treatment.

Reach Out to Our Firm

If a pedestrian accident was caused by another driver or factors such as poor road conditions or faulty equipment, you have legal options to obtain compensation for the losses you suffered. Even if you were not able to complete some of the steps listed above, we can help ensure that you have the evidence you need to prove your case. We will also speak with witnesses and the liable party on your behalf so that you can focus on your recovery.

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