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After a bad accident involving an eighteen-wheeler, you might be badly hurt, in serious debt, and have no idea what to do next. Our team of attorneys can help you get fair compensation for your injuries so you can put your life back together.

First, we need to start gathering evidence for your case almost immediately. Witness testimony, records from the trucking company, and data from the truck’s black box device might all be necessary. Next, we need to evaluate your many damages, including things like medical bills, property damage, and pain, suffering, and trauma from the crash. We should also accurately determine how the accident happened, as this information might change how we approach the case and where we find evidence. You should hire a lawyer to help you as you might be badly hurt and unable to handle everything on your own. Our team can also help move your case through complicated legal channels smoothly and efficiently.

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How to Prove Your Claims After a Truck Accident in Bolingbrook, IL

Evidence is the glue that holds a lawsuit together. Without evidence, your case might be very quickly dismissed, and your claims regarded as no more than baseless accusations. Our truck accident attorneys can help you find the evidence you need to back up your case and lend validity to your claims.

Witnesses might play a big role in your case. People sometimes assume witness testimony is inherently unreliable. They think witnesses’ memories might be fuzzy or witnesses might outright lie. Most often, this is not true. If we can track down witnesses, they often have clear memories of the accident, and most have no reason to lie. Having multiple witnesses can help us paint a very clear picture of how the accident happened for a jury. Since truck accidents tend to be large, there are often many witnesses.

We should also try to get ahold of the trucking company’s business records. We might need to request these records from the trucking company. If they refuse to comply, we can get a court order for the records. These records might tell us how long the driver had been working, whether they were licensed, whether they had any breaks or rest periods before the accident, and many other details.

Large trucks often come equipped with black box devices like the ones we hear about on airplanes. These devices record all kinds of data while the trucker is driving. Rates of speed, brake times, and time spent on the road might all be recorded. This can help us determine how long the driver had been on the road and even when they hit the brakes before the accident.

Damages Recoverable in Bolingbrook, IL Truck Accident Cases

People involved in collisions with big trucks are often hurt badly. It is no surprise then that damages in these cases can be very high. It is important to hire an attorney who can thoroughly review all your losses and injuries so you can maximize your potential compensation and get what you rightly deserve.

Economic losses in truck accidents can be staggering. First, your vehicle might be completely wrecked. People rely on their vehicles to go to work, go to school, and run daily errands. Replacing your car might be very expensive and should be accounted for in your damages.

Second, your injuries need emergency medical care. In many cases, injured victims need long-term care for complicated and painful injuries. As such, hospital bills tend to be astronomically high. Not only can you claim the cost of current medical bills, but we can estimate future medical bills for ongoing treatment and add it to your damages.

We should also think about damages related to physical and mental pain and suffering. Truck accidents are devastating, and many victims live with deep psychological trauma that can last for weeks, months, or years. Your physical injuries might also be excruciatingly painful. Dealing with these experiences might not take a financial toll, but they certainly deserve fair compensation.

Types of Truck Accidents in Bolingbrook, IL

How your accident happened might be very telling of who is responsible and how we can obtain evidence. If you are unsure exactly what happened, do not worry. The police will likely investigate and determine how the crash occurred.

Rear-End Crashes

We often think of rear-end collisions as being not very serious. When discussing such accidents, a fender-bender might come to mind. When a large truck is involved, a rear-end collision might be incredibly severe, even fatal.

Trucks are enormously heavy. If one hits you from behind, your car might be demolished under the truck or pushed into other vehicles. These are rarely minor accidents. These types of crashes often happen because truck drivers are speeding and not paying attention to the road.

Turning Accidents

Truck drivers must be very careful when making turns. Making right-hand turns can be tricky, as they tend to be tighter than left turns. Truck drivers sometimes must swing their truck left before turning right to give themselves room. When they do this, they must make sure there are no drivers next to them. Otherwise, they might get hit. Alternatively, they might turn right and end up squeezing another driver on their right side because the turn is so tight.

Jackknife Accidents

When trucks are hauling long, heavy trailers, there is a risk of a jackknife accident. These accidents are often related to speed and braking. When a trucker hits their brakes too quickly or is driving too fast to slow down, the trailer might swing around the trailer hitch that joins the tractor and trailer, creating an L-shape. This is incredibly dangerous, as the trailer might swing into other cars or even cause the entire truck to topple over.

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