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Ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber have spread to many cities and towns across the United States. While these services provide transportation to those who need it, there is sometimes a serious risk of accidents.

While accidents might happen for numerous reasons, some factors come up more often in accidents with Ubers or Lyfts. High rates of speed, tired drivers, and traffic violations made by hasty drivers eager to complete more rides might lead to serious crashes. Fortunately, Uber and Lyft have insurance policies that might cover you in an accident, but only if you can show that their drivers were at fault. If insurance does not work out, we can file an injury lawsuit. Damages may be significant, especially if you were badly injured and incurred steep hospital bills. Before we can recover any damages, we need evidence. Witnesses, records from the rideshare company’s app, and photos from the crash might all be very important to your case.

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Typical Factors in Lyft or Uber Crashes in Bolingbrook, IL

Although they might not seem that different, accidents involving Uber or Lyft cars often happen under somewhat different circumstances than typical crashes. Remember, these drivers make more money if they can pick up and drop off as many people as possible. This can lead to hasty drivers who shirk the traffic laws and bad accidents.

Speed is a problem in many car accidents, but it comes up pretty often in Uber or Lyft collisions. As said before, drivers make money based on the number of trips they complete. Drivers are incentivized to drive fast, so they can complete more trips and make more money. Speed is a huge factor in accidents and tends to make things worse. If your Uber or Lyft driver was going way too fast before the crash, tell your lawyer.

Another big problem in these accidents is tired drivers. Again, when Lyft and Uber drivers complete lots of trips, they earn more money. Sometimes, drivers stay on the road and continue driving for hours. They often become very tired and might doze off. It only takes a moment or two of losing focus for a bad crash to occur.

Normal traffic violations are also common in these types of accidents. In trying to get passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible, drivers might ignore signs and lights and disregard safety.

Filing an Insurance Claim or a Lawsuit for a Lyft or Uber Collision in Bolingbrook, IL

After an auto accident, people usually look to insurance for help. The same goes for accidents with Uber or Lyft. While these companies have insurance policies that might cover your accident, you usually have to prove that their driver is at fault for the crash before you get coverage. If an insurance claim does not pan out, our Uber and Lyft accident attorneys can help you file a lawsuit.

Uber and Lyft’s insurance policies might have different coverage levels depending on how the accident happened. Generally, if a driver has their ridesharing app turned off, the accident is not covered because the driver is considered off-duty. Instead, their personal insurance would cover the crash.

If the ridesharing app is on but the driver is not engaged with a rider – meaning they have not been paired with a rider and have no passenger in the vehicle – a certain level of coverage applies. Uber or Lyft’s insurance might cover up to $50,000 per person or $100,000 per accident for physical injuries and up to $25,000 in property damage. This might apply in cases where you were in another vehicle and hit by a rideshare driver.

If you were a passenger in the Uber or Lyft, or the driver was en route to pick up a passenger they were paired with, a much greater level of coverage might apply. Up to $1 million might cover property damage and injuries.

Remember, insurance claims are not guaranteed just because they are available. If your claim is denied, we can file an injury lawsuit against the responsible driver.

Collecting Evidence After a Crash with an Uber or Lyft Vehicle in Bolingbrook, IL

To win your case and get the fair compensation you deserve, we need evidence showing how the defendant caused the accident. We can start by interviewing people who saw it occur. Witnesses can testify about what they saw and what they know and paint a clearer picture of events for a jury. If multiple witnesses who saw the accident from various vantage points testify, we can build a strong case in your favor.

We might also rely on your own testimony. Your testimony might be very important if you were a passenger in the Uber or Lyft vehicle when the accident happened. In that case, you can testify about the driver’s actions and behavior as you saw them first-hand.

We might also want to get records of your trip from the ridesharing company. If the driver disputes certain facts, such as when they picked you up or the route they took, we can check records of your trip from the app.

Taking photos and videos at the scene of a crash is common, as people tend to use these photos as part of insurance claims. They can also be used as evidence in a court of law if we need them. Your photos might contain valuable details about the people present during the accident, road conditions, and the condition of the overall accident scene. Often, the people who take these photos do not realize the importance of what they have recorded until they speak to an attorney.

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