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Were you or someone you know recently injured in a car accident? Paying for medical bills and vehicle repairs can be stressful, but you should not have to pay for someone else’s negligence. Call a lawyer and ask about how you can get fair compensation.

First, we need to determine who caused your accident. Was it another driver? Depending on who they were and what they were doing, we might also include their employer in the case. In multi-vehicle accidents, numerous other drivers might be responsible. Next, we need evidence. Photos from the crash, security camera videos, witness testimony, and anything else that helps prove your claims should be searched for and obtained. Our team can assist you with preparations for your case, including drafting the initial complaint, assessing the overall value of your claim, and making sure your case moves along as efficiently as possible through a complex legal system. Damages in car accident cases might be huge, especially if you have serious bodily injuries, high hospital bills, and other expenses.

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Who Caused Your Arlington Heights, IL Car Accident?

Some plaintiffs know exactly who caused their accident. This is often the case when both drivers in a crash can safely exit their vehicles and exchange information. However, many car accidents do not go so smoothly. An attorney can review your case’s details and help you figure out who should be held responsible.

Many car accidents only involve two vehicles: yours and the other driver’s. In a crash, all parties involved must stay put until emergency help and the authorities arrive. In these cases, plaintiffs usually know who the other driver is, making it much easier to file a claim for damages. However, not every case is so simple.

Many drivers are victims of hit and run accidents where the other driver flees the scene before help can arrive. Often, these negligent drivers flee the scene before they can be identified, and injured drivers often have no idea who hit them. In such cases, our car accident lawyers can work with the police to track down the other driver. The police may be keen to investigate, as hit and run accidents are criminal offenses.

Depending on who the other driver is and what they were doing during the collision, we might also be able to sue their employer. For example, if a cab driver hits you, you can sue the driver and the company that hired them. Employers may be held liable for the negligent actions of employees as long as the employee was acting in the court of their typical duties.

Multi-vehicle accidents can be complicated, and determining who is responsible is difficult. There might be several negligent drivers and many more injured victims. Determining who is who might require help from an experienced lawyer.

Evidence to Prove the Other Driver Caused Your Car Accident in Arlington Heights, IL

When we prepare your case, we need as much evidence as possible to support your claims. After car accidents, people often take photos and record videos of the accident scene, usually to send to insurance companies. These recordings can also be used as evidence in a court of law.

Another possible source of evidence is security camera footage. Think back to when the accident happened. Were there any businesses or houses nearby? If so, a security camera on a home or storefront could have caught your accident on video. We can also talk to other people who were around during the accident to see if any dashcam footage is available.

One of the most important elements in our evidentiary arsenal is witness testimony. Other drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians who saw the crash might testify about what they know. If they can place the defendant at the scene and elaborate on how they saw the defendant cause the crash, their testimony may be incredibly important.

How Our Team Can Help You with Your Arlington, Heights, IL Car Accident Claims

Handling a lawsuit for a car accident on your own is not a good idea. Talk to an experienced injury attorney about your case as soon as possible. Our attorneys can help you draft your initial complaint, assess damages, and navigate complicated legal procedures.

Drafting the complaint is often more work than many plaintiffs initially realize. The complaint is a lot more than a list of allegations against the defendant. We must include specific details about you and the defendant so the court knows who they are dealing with. You also need to have at least some evidence backing up your claims. Finally, we need to know what kind of compensation you deserve. If you fail to claim certain damages, they might not be compensated.

Our team can also help you expedite the process as best as possible. One of the most common reasons cases move so slowly through the courts is that the parties involved make mistakes. Incorrect information on a certain document or simply missing a court date because you got your schedule mixed up might set you back weeks. Our team is familiar with court procedures and can help keep your case on track.

Damages and Potential Compensation in Your Car Accident Case in Arlington, IL

A major source of damages is lost property. Replacing or repairing your car might be a huge expense in a car accident case.

Another major expense that many car accident victims face is mounting medical debt. Whether you spent a day in the emergency room or are still going back to the doctor for more treatment, your hospital bills might be extremely high.

Your injuries might be so bad that you cannot work for some time. If this sounds like your situation, our team can help you assess and claim the value of lost income and earnings.

Many damages are based on your personal experiences that are not connected to money. Pain and suffering are highly subjective but might be worth substantial compensation. Car crashes can be very traumatic, and painful injuries might leave you with much emotional distress. These painful experiences deserve fair compensation.

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