Rockford, IL Burn Injury Attorney

Burn injuries are often terrible for victims in Rockford, often resulting in extensive medical needs and emotional harm. Fortunately, our lawyers can help you file a claim that will help cover the damages you did not cause.

In some cases, a negligent driver might have hit you, causing a fire that left severe burns. In other cases, your workplace might have caused you to be burned or defective tool caused the burns. Whether your burns are thermal, chemical, or electrical, our team can help your case. We will gather evidence that shows the other party’s fault and how their actions caused your burn injuries. Many burn injury victims need significant compensation to cover their physical and psychological damages. Thus, you will want our skilled attorneys on your side when pursuing your claim.

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Common Ways Burn Accidents Happen in Rockford, IL

Unfortunately, many burn injuries are caused by other people’s negligence. However, our burn injury attorneys can help you recover compensation no matter how your burn injuries were carelessly caused. That being said, a few scenarios result in burn injuries more than others. Our team has spent years fighting for burn injury victims in the following types of cases:

Car Accidents

Car accidents sometimes cause burn injuries when the engine compartment catches fire after an accident. However, victims can also get burned from hot surfaces exposed by the collision or fires from fuel leaks. In other cases, you might get electrical burns from internal wiring. No matter how your burn injuries occurred in your car accident, our lawyers will include them when we evaluate your damages and calculate the compensation you will need.

Household Accidents

Burn injuries are also common in Rockford household accidents. However, we can help determine if your household accident was someone else’s fault. Many home burn injuries are caused by electrical malfunctions, faulty appliances, and defective heating equipment. In these cases, our team can help identify the parties responsible for the safety of the product, like the designers and manufacturers of it.

Workplace Accidents

Many workers in Rockford are also in constant danger of burn injuries because of the nature of their work. Burns in workplace accidents can be severe, including burns from chemicals, hazardous materials, and super-heated open flames. For instance, construction workers often face dangerous conditions that can lead to electrical or other life-threatening burns.

Industrial Accidents

Those working in industrial settings are at a high risk of burn injuries. If you work with heavy machinery, volatile chemicals, or electrical systems, our attorneys can help get compensation in these complex cases. You might have suffered thermal burns from malfunctioning equipment or serious burns from lacking safety protocols. Whatever the case, our lawyers will be ready to fight your case.

Types of Burns You Can File a Claim for in Rockford, IL

You can, unfortunately, sustain many types of burns, whether at home or work. Each type of burn can cause various types of harm and typically have their own method for treatment. This is why you should see a doctor, even if the burn is minor. If any of the following burns were caused by someone else, our lawyers will help you file a claim against them:

Flame Burns

Burns from open flames are common in Rockford. These burns happen when the victim comes in contact with an open flame or from hot surfaces heated by the fire. As mentioned, fame burns often happen in workplace and industrial accidents.

However, you and your family might have been injured in a house fire caused by faulty wiring or burned by a flammable substance because of a defective gas can. Our attorneys can investigate the root cause of your flame injuries if you are unsure how the fire started and who is at fault.

Scald Burns

Scald burns are another typical source of burn injury claims in Rockford. They are every bit as harmful as flame burns and can be caused more easily. For instance, a negligent coworker at your restaurant might have accidentally doused you with a hot drink or soup.

Or a malfunctioning coffee maker might have scalded you with a jet of steam. Regardless of how you were scalded, these burns can be extremely painful and potentially deadly. Scald burns will cause the skin to blister, which can quickly lead to infection. Thus, be sure to get immediate medical care after suffering a scald burn. Once you have been treated, our team can help get your claim started.

Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are extremely dangerous and can leave severe and permanent damage. If you work in a hazardous environment, you might be exposed to electrical currents regularly. In other cases, you or a family member might get electrical burns from bad wiring in your house or be injured by a defective electrical appliance.

In any case, electrical burns can be extensive. They can not only externally damage you, like burning skin, but they can cause injuries throughout the body internally, harming muscles, internal organs, and even the brain. Some victims will need significant compensation if their electrical burns also cause neurological damage from exposure to the current.

Chemical Burns

Chemical burns are not as common as the other types of burns but are arguably some of the worst you could suffer. Workers in Rockford are most in danger of chemical burns. For instance, if you work in a laboratory that regularly handles alkaline materials or acids, one mishap could lead to a severe chemical burn.

Those at home are also not completely safe from chemical burns. Certain household cleaners can also cause significant chemical burns, such as if a defective cap causes drain cleaner to get on your skin or get inhaled. Children are also often injured by defective home care products that have strong concentrations of chemicals in them. Getting medical treatment is critical in these cases as many chemical burns need specific care for treatment, depending on the burn. Our team can step in after to identify the liable party and file your claim against them.

Contact Burns

You also deserve compensation if you negligently suffered a contact burn. These burns happen when victims come into contact with a hot surface. These injuries are common in restaurants with hot stovetops and ovens but can also be caused by defective household items like a faulty iron.

While these burns tend to be localized, they can lead to severe tissue damage. Our team can help get compensation for skin grafts, surgeries, and the emotional distress you might be suffering if you have visible scarring from your burn injuries.

Our Rockford, IL Burn Injury Attorneys Can Help Get Damages for the Burns You Have Negligently Suffered

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