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Car accidents can result in severe injuries, ranging from fractures and internal organ damage to traumatic brain injuries. The force of impact during collisions can subject vehicle occupants to sudden and violent movements, leading to devastating bodily harm. Injuries sustained in car accidents may necessitate extensive medical treatment, rehabilitation, and, in some cases, can have long-term consequences.

If you suffered a harmful crash in Waukegan, IL, then it is imperative that you seek legal representation as quickly as you can. The team at our firm can investigate your accident and identify its cause. Furthermore, we can begin the process of building your case against the responsible party.

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Establishing Fault for a Car Crash in Waukegan, IL

There are a many different forms of evidence that may be presented to prove who is at fault for a car crash. For example, our car accident attorneys may utilize any of the following in your case:

Witness Statements

Obtaining statements from witnesses who observed the car accident is a crucial method of proving fault. These statements can provide valuable perspectives and details regarding the sequence of events leading up to the collision. Witness accounts can help establish a clearer understanding of the circumstances and actions of each party involved, contributing to a comprehensive assessment of fault.

Police Reports

Police reports serve as an essential piece of evidence in determining fault for car accidents. Law enforcement officers who respond to the scene document their observations, statements from involved parties, and any traffic violations. These reports often include an officer’s assessment of who is at fault, which can significantly influence the legal proceedings. Our legal team can use police reports to bolster victims’ arguments and support their positions.

Surveillance Camera Footage

In many cases, surveillance camera footage, such as footage from nearby security cameras and dashboard cameras, can provide an unbiased and objective record of the events leading up to a car accident. This visual evidence is particularly valuable because it captures real-time actions and can help establish the sequence of events.

Photographic Evidence

Additionally, photographs taken at the scene of the accident can offer a visual representation of the damages, the positioning of vehicles, and the surrounding environment. Clear images can be instrumental in reconstructing the accident and contributing factors.

Accident Reconstructions

Engaging accident reconstruction experts can provide an in-depth analysis of the crash. These professionals use their expertise to recreate the accident based on available evidence, such as skid marks, vehicle damage, and the overall scene. Their expert opinions can offer a scientific perspective on factors like speed, trajectory, and points of impact, helping to establish a more accurate understanding of fault.

Cell Phone Records

Furthermore, examining cell phone records can reveal whether distractions, such as texting or calling, played a role in the car accident. By analyzing timestamps and usage patterns, plaintiffs can establish if any involved party was engaging in activities that may have contributed to the collision. This evidence can be particularly significant in cases where distracted driving is suspected.

Vehicle Maintenance Records

The maintenance history of the vehicles involved can be used to establish fault for car crashes. Poorly maintained vehicles with mechanical issues may contribute to accidents. By reviewing maintenance records, victims and their legal representatives can identify whether mechanical failure or negligence in vehicle upkeep played a role in the collision, potentially influencing fault determination.

Weather and Road Condition Reports

Lastly, weather and road conditions at the time of the accident can be critical factors in determining fault. Reports detailing the weather, visibility, and road conditions can provide context for the circumstances surrounding the collision. This can help our legal professionals determine if a crash was caused by a motorist who did not adjust his driving behaviors appropriately for hazardous weather conditions.

Sharing Blame for Car Accidents in Waukegan, IL

There are many car accidents where fault is split between multiple parties. For example, you may share blame for your collision if you were speeding when you were struck by a drunk driver. Fortunately, even if you are partially responsible, you may still acquire payment for your car accident injuries.

Illinois courts will abide by the rules of “comparative fault when assigning damages in car accident cases. This means that damages are apportioned based on percentages of blame. For instance, if you are determined to be 5% responsible for your collision while the defendant is 95% to blame, then they will have to pay for 95% of your damages stemming from the accident while you must account for the leftover 5%.

It is crucial to note that you will be unable to bring a car accident claim against another party if your share of fault is greater than 50%.

Importance of Seeking Prompt Medical Treatment After Your Crash in Waukegan, IL

Getting prompt medical treatment after a car accident is imperative. Sometimes, injuries may not be obvious right away, so seeing a doctor quickly helps catch any hidden problems. For example, injuries like internal organ damage and internal bleeding may not become painful until days after a crash. If you suspect that you may have sustained internal injuries as a result of your accident, then seeking immediate medical attention may be crucial to avoiding potential complications down the road.

It is not just about your health, seeking prompt medical attention also creates a clear connection between the accident and your injuries, which is important if legal matters come into play. Waiting to get checked out could make injuries worse and create doubts about their cause. For instance, a defendant’s insurance company may state that a delay in medical treatment indicates that you are not truly hurt. Plus, waiting for injuries to heal on their own may make it difficult to obtain the medical documentation needed to recover payment in a car accident claim.

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