Rockford, IL Construction Accident Lawyer

People working in the construction industry are exposed to dangerous situations on a nearly regular basis. When accidents and injuries occur, an attorney can help them make the most of their compensation and hold negligent parties responsible.

The potential damages in a construction accident case might be significant, depending on the injuries involved. You should discuss with your lawyer whether pursuing a full trial or accepting a settlement is the best way to get fair compensation. There might be multiple parties who bear responsibility for your accident. General contractors, subcontractors, property owners, and numerous third parties might be named in your lawsuit. Some common examples of construction accidents that you should sue for include falls, crushing accidents, burns, and injuries from malfunctioning tools and equipment.

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Potential Damages in Construction Accident Cases in Rockford, IL

While construction workers are often prepared for accidents, preventing accidents caused by others’ negligence can be hard. Injuries not only cause physical harm. They can also leave psychological scars. On top of all that, injured workers face numerous expenses that the responsible parties should have to cover.

Damages are generally awarded for financial losses and losses that cannot be measured in dollars and cents. For example, your medical bills and the wages you lost because you were too hurt to return to work should be factored into your overall damages. On top of that, your physical pain, emotional anguish, humiliation, and damage to your professional reputation as a construction worker may also be claimed as part of your damages, even though these losses might not have taken a financial toll.

For some, much compensation might be on the line, and it is better to have a full trial and get the full extent of your compensation. For others, particularly those who lack sufficient evidence, accepting a settlement might be the better option. Your attorney can help you figure out the best way to get the most compensation possible.

Who is Responsible for Your Rockford, IL Construction Accident?

Construction sites are often large areas with numerous people working, and various parties might be in charge. Consequently, it can be difficult to determine whom exactly to sue for damages. Generally, the people in charge of your job and work duties might be held liable, but figuring out who those parties are might be a challenge.

General Contractor

The general contractor is hired to run the construction project. Often, general contractors are responsible for hiring various construction workers, and they might be responsible if a worker is injured on the job. Since general contractors tend to be in charge of the whole construction project and the people they hire, they are frequently named in lawsuits for accidents and injuries.

While general contractors are in charge of a lot, they might not be responsible for everything that goes on during a construction project. Depending on how big the project is and what kind of work is being done, numerous teams might be working, and multiple people “in charge.” Talk to your lawyer about how you were doing your job and who was in charge of your work before starting your lawsuit.


While a general contractor is responsible for the overall construction job, the subcontractor is responsible for only one specific aspect. For example, the general contractor might hire a plumber as a subcontractor, and the plumber would be responsible for hiring workers to install plumbing.

If you were hired by a subcontractor rather than a general contractor, the subcontractor might be responsible for your injuries because they were in charge of your work and job duties. Speak to your attorney about the situation, as the line between who was and was not in charge can be blurred.

Property Owner

In somewhat rare cases, the owner of the home or property where the construction project was happening might be responsible for workplace accidents. While many property owners hire general contractors for the construction job and then back off, some others do not. If the property owner retained some level of control over the project and your work, they might be responsible for your accident.

For example, if the property owner insists that you use tools provided by the property owner instead of your own, and one of those tools malfunctions and hurt you, the property owner may be held liable.

Third Parties

In some cases, accidents are caused by people not directly connected to the construction project or your job. These third parties might also be held responsible if their negligence caused your accident. One common example is product liability cases in construction accidents.

Construction workers rely on powerful tools and machinery to do their jobs. If the tool is damaged or defective, it might malfunction and injure a worker. In that case, the injured worker could sue the tool’s manufacturer and anyone else in the chain of sale.

Typical Examples of Construction Accidents and Injuries in Rockford, IL

Construction zones are often full of complicated work being performed by workers using special and powerful tools. Numerous accidents are possible, and you should speak to your attorney about your specific accident immediately.

Falls are among the most common construction accidents. People working atop high ladders, scaffolding, rooftops, or windows are susceptible to dangerous falls. You might also be burned because of electrical hazards or tools that heat up, like welding instruments. Workers are sometimes pinned against walls or heavy objects in crushing accidents, which can be extremely dangerous.

It is important to note the wide variety of potential accidents because more than one of them might play a role in your case. It is not uncommon for multiple accidents to converge together and cause a massive disaster.

Where to Find Evidence for Your Construction Accident Claims in Rockford, IL

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