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Not all accidents are truly accidental, and someone is often at fault. An attorney can help you sue the person responsible for your accident and injuries to get fair financial compensation.

Many people shy away from the idea of filing a lawsuit because it is an arduous, complicated, and time-consuming process. However, you should consider filing a personal injury lawsuit if you have significant damages that you cannot afford and because you deserve justice. Our office has experience with numerous personal injury cases, and we are prepared to assist you in any way we can. We can help you assess your damages, including non-economic injuries like pain and suffering, and economic losses like medical bills. Before we can file the initial complaint, we might need to do extensive preparation.

If you were injured, our personal injury lawyers can help you figure out who is responsible and how to hold them liable. For a free review of the case, call the Rhatigan Law Offices at (312) 578-8502.

Why You Should Sue for Personal Injuries in Evanston, IL

It is normal to feel hesitant about filing a personal injury lawsuit. These kinds of lawsuits and the people who file them sometimes get a bad reputation for being litigious, and people assume plaintiffs are exploiting the justice system for a quick buck. This unfair perception could not be further from the truth.

One good reason to file a personal injury lawsuit is to cover your damages. Damages encompass the losses and injuries you incurred because of the defendant’s negligence, and damages are often significant. Many plaintiffs cannot pay for these damages on their own, and they need financial compensation to cover these debts.

Money and expenses aside, filing a lawsuit can help you emotionally move on from your injuries. A successful lawsuit helps many plaintiffs get the justice, vindication, and closure they need to move on with their lives. Even if your damages are not that significant, you should file a lawsuit to get the justice you deserve.

Cases Our Personal Injury Lawyers Handle in Evanston, IL

Personal injury claims might be for numerous possible accidents and injuries, and it is important that you speak to an attorney that is familiar with the nature of your specific claims. Our personal injury attorneys have handled various kinds of cases, and we are ready to help you fight for the compensation you deserve.

Bike Accidents

Chicago, like many cities, is very bike-friendly, and many people get around the city by bike. Unfortunately, bike riders are often at risk of accidents when negligent drivers are not paying attention. Bike riders injured in accidents can sue the drivers who hit them in personal injury lawsuits. Often, bike riders are badly injured, as they are no match for a moving vehicle in a collision.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents are perhaps some of the most common causes of personal injuries anywhere. If you were in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, you can sue the person responsible. The reasons behind these accidents tend to vary, and your case deserves an individualized investigation from our personal injury attorneys. Our personal injury lawyers can help you investigate the crash and file a lawsuit against the other driver.

Animal Attacks

Although having a pet is very common, keeping dangerous animals is, well, dangerous. Animal attacks might be as simple as a dog bite or as severe as a mauling, and plaintiffs often experience painful injuries. The person responsible for the animal, usually its owner, can be sued for your damages. Animals might be cute and cuddly, but they can be unpredictable, and it is the owner’s duty to make sure their pet is properly trained or at least kept away from other people.

Product Liability

Product liability cases are a branch of personal injury law that involve accidents caused by defective products and goods. For example, if you purchased a lawnmower, and the lawnmower malfunctioned and injured you because it was damaged or poorly designed, you can sue the manufacturer. In fact, plaintiffs can often sue numerous parties in the chain of sale of defective products, including retailers. Our personal injury attorneys can help you prove that a defective or damaged product caused the accident.

Medical Malpractice

One of the scariest personal injury claims to deal with is medical malpractice. This kind of claim arises when a patient is injured because of a medical professional’s negligence. To assert this claim, you must have experienced more than a mere mistake in treatment. The doctor’s actions must have fallen below the standards of care. Surgeries gone wrong, misdiagnoses, and failures to warn patients of certain medical risks are common reasons for medical malpractice claims.

How to Assess Your Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Evanston, IL

Your damages in a personal injury lawsuit might be very high, and you should not have to shoulder this burden alone. Our personal injury attorneys can help you convince a jury that the defendant should have to cover your damages.

Economic damages are related to the loss of money. Injuries are not just painful; they are also expensive. Since personal injury cases involve some bodily harm, many plaintiffs claim medical bills as part of their damages. If you are so badly hurt that you had to take time away from work, you can also claim any income you lost.

You might also claim non-economic damages that are not connected to money. Instead, non-economic damages account for painful experiences. Pain and suffering can be significant, and many plaintiffs have to live with trauma and chronic pain from their injuries. These damages are subjective and might be experienced differently by different people, and they are usually assessed by how much they affect your daily life.

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Injuries and accidents often take significant tolls on plaintiffs. Injuries can be expensive and traumatic, and you deserve just compensation. Call the Rhatigan Law Offices at (312) 578-8502 to arrange a free evaluation of your case.