What’s a Good Settlement for Cervical Spine Injury in Chicago?

It is common for civil lawsuits to end in a settlement rather than a full trial, and a good settlement can be difficult to obtain. An attorney can help you get the best settlement possible for a cervical spine injury.

Getting a good settlement is difficult to describe, as the negotiation process can be subjective and unique to each plaintiff’s situation. While each case is different and might require different approaches, a good settlement generally should at least cover your expenses and account for your pain and suffering. To get the best settlement possible, you and a lawyer need to sit down and evaluate your damages. Economic and non-economic damages might be significant, and a settlement should adequately compensate you for your losses. Getting a good settlement also requires a well-planned legal strategy and strong negotiation skills.

Cervical spine injuries are often very painful and leave plaintiffs with long-term complications or disabilities. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers can help you get the compensation you are entitled to. Call the Rhatigan Law Offices for a free case assessment. Call our team at (312) 578-8502.

A Good Settlement for Cervical Spine Injury Cases in Chicago

A good settlement is subjective. There is no single way to define a good settlement, as what makes a settlement good or acceptable varies from case to case. However, since cervical spine injuries can be devastating, a good settlement in such a case will likely be significant. Our Illinois personal injury lawyers can help you get a settlement that covers your damages and meets your needs.

Cervical spine injuries can be debilitating. Many injured victims deal with long-term medical treatment, pain, and medical complications. These kinds of injuries tend to take a financial, physical, and emotional toll. As such, compensation should be high and reflect the gravity of your injuries. Your settlement should, at the very least, cover your financial losses. If your settlement leaves you with unpaid debts, it is probably not a good settlement. An even better settlement will account for your emotional suffering and future costs and losses.

Getting a good settlement can be challenging, and we need evidence to support your compensation claims. The more evidence you have establishing your damages and the defendant’s negligence, the more likely you can get a good settlement.

Assessing Your Damages for a Cervical Spine Injury in Chicago

To get a good settlement for a cervical spine injury, you need to understand the extent and magnitude of your damages. Generally, the more significant your damages are, the greater your settlement should be. Our Naperville personal injury attorneys can help you evaluate your damages so we have a clear idea of what your case and settlement are worth.

Economic Damages

Your economic damages encompass the financial losses and costs associated with your injury. Since cervical spine injuries are quite serious and often require intense medical care, the medical bills for your injuries might be very high. Even if you have health insurance to cover the bulk of these costs, you might still have out-of-pocket expenses like high deductibles.

Additionally, cervical spine injuries can be physically debilitating. If you experience limited mobility, paralysis, chronic pain, or weakness, you might be unable to return to work, possibly for the foreseeable future. In that case, your lost income should be added to your damages.

On top of the expenses already incurred, we can also account for the expenses you will likely incur in the future. If you need additional or long-term medical care, or you can never fully return to work, we should make sure your settlement accounts for future medical bills and lost earnings.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are your injuries that did not cost money but still took a significant toll on your life and well-being. Pain and suffering are broad claims that encompass physical pain and emotional or mental trauma from an accident. Our Aurora personal injury lawyer can help you assess these damages so they are accounted for in your settlement.

Cervical spine injuries are known for being painful. Your spine is loaded with nerves and sends and receives signals from all over the body. As such, spinal injuries tend to cause severe pain, weakness, tingling, and numbness. Injuries also tend to hinder mobility, and many plaintiffs have to come to terms with new disabilities. Additionally, you might be unable to return to a job you loved or participate in hobbies you previously enjoyed. This loss of enjoyment of your life also deserves recognition and compensation.

How to Negotiate a Good Settlement for Cervical Spine Injuries in Chicago

While our Joilet personal injury attorney can help you determine how much your settlement should be worth, the actual compensation you receive might vary based on whatever comes up during negotiations. In some cases, defendants are willing to compromise and eager to avoid a trial. In others, defendants are more resistant, and getting a good settlement might be a challenge.

Some important issues to consider are the economic and non-economic damages listed above. The greater these damages are, the bigger your settlement should be. The defendant might try to downplay the significance of your damages, but we can highlight the financial, physical, and psychological toll these damages have taken on your life.

We should also consider using your damages as leverage. If you are willing, we could agree to forgive some damages in exchange for full coverage for others. For example, you might have significant medical bills and a high amount of pain from your injuries. We might agree to forgive some damages for pain and suffering if the defendant agrees to pay for the full extent of your medical bills and lost wages. This is only one possibility, and we can get a better settlement with more leverage.

Perhaps the best leverage is evidence. If you have strong evidence to support your claims, the defendant might have little room for compromise or negotiation. If your case is so strong that a win in a trial is likely, the defendant might be incentivized to pay your full damages claims and save on legal fees by avoiding a trial.

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