Can I Sue Amazon for an Injury in Chicago?

Amazon is one of the largest companies on the planet. They employ thousands of people and interact with millions of customers daily. Unfortunately, some people have reported being injured in accidents involving Amazon or Amazon products. If you are hurt, call a lawyer now.

It is possible to sue Amazon for your injuries, but you should know that doing so can be very challenging, and success is not guaranteed. In many cases, Amazon has found ways to shield itself from liability, and other parties might be liable instead. Common accidents and injuries people often try to sue Amazon for include vehicle accidents with Amazon delivery drivers and on-the-job accidents involving Amazon workers. Customers also may sue Amazon for injuries caused by defective Amazon products. Remember, suing Amazon can be very challenging, and you should discuss your case with an attorney as soon as you can.

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Is it Possible to Sue Amazon for Causing Injuries in Chicago?

Injury cases are common, and even large companies like Amazon may be sued in court for damages. While no law stops you from filing lawsuits against Amazon for injuries, succeeding is notoriously difficult. Even so, this should not dissuade you from trying, as you deserve justice and fair compensation. Amazon should not be permitted to hurt people simply because they are a giant corporation with deep pockets.

One potential wrench in the works is the numerous parties Amazon often partners with to serve customers. Amazon is a huge company that works with numerous smaller companies and delivery service partners. Often, Amazon is shielded from liability because other parties are directly liable instead. For example, you might order a package from Amazon, but they send it to a local delivery service company to deliver it for you. Your claim might be against the local partner rather than Amazon.

It is particularly difficult to successfully sue Amazon in injury cases. Common injuries connected to Amazon include vehicle accidents with Amazon delivery drivers and accidents on the job in Amazon warehouse locations. There are legal hurdles to overcome in both circumstances before you can hold Amazon responsible and get fair compensation.

Can I Sue Amazon After a Delivery Vehicle Accident in Chicago?

As briefly discussed above, a common injury claim made against Amazon involves vehicle accidents with Amazon delivery vehicles and drivers. Perhaps you were on the road when a negligent driver in an Amazon van or truck hit you. While you might want to sue Amazon for your injuries, this might not be possible.

Ordinarily, when an employee (i.e., an Amazon delivery driver) causes an accident, their employer (i.e., Amazon) may be held vicariously liable and made to pay for damages. People often do not realize that many Amazon drivers on the road are legally not Amazon employees. Instead, they are considered independent contractors or employees of other companies.

Amazon frequently works with other delivery service companies, called delivery service partners, to expand their delivery network. What is confusing is that many of these drivers are in vehicles emblazoned with Amazon logos and might follow schedules imposed by Amazon. However, since they are not Amazon workers, Amazon is not vicariously liable in many cases.

Even so, many in the legal community believe this is not right. Arguments have been made that if Amazon controls so many aspects of these drivers’ jobs, they should be liable when these drivers cause accidents.

Suing Amazon as Injured Workers in Chicago

Amazon workers are sometimes injured on the job. While Amazon, as an employer, may be held liable for injuries suffered by employees, they are often shielded from liability by the Workers’ Compensation system. Even so, there may be ways around this system that allow injured employees to sue Amazon.

According to Workers’ Compensation laws in Illinois, when employees are eligible, Workers’ Compensation is the sole legal remedy. Lawsuits against employers are barred unless very special conditions are present.

You might be able to sue Amazon if you can show that Amazon knowingly put you in a position where an accident and injuries were likely or that the company deliberately caused the accident. While employers do not often intentionally harm their employees, they often knowingly place them in dangerous positions.

Perhaps you were working in an Amazon warehouse and using a forklift when you dozed off because of Amazon’s long hours and strict rules allowing limited breaks. You could argue that Amazon knew they were overworking employees and allowing them to use dangerous heavy machinery, knowingly placing them in harm’s way.

This is certainly a valid argument but a tough one to prove. Such claims rely on very strong evidence to succeed. Our Illinois personal injury lawyers may need detailed records of your employment, regular working hours, job duties, and other details that can help us prove your claims.

Can I Sue Amazon for Injuries Caused by a Defective Product I Ordered in Chicago?

Until recently, holding Amazon liable for injuries caused by defective products was difficult because Amazon was not considered the seller. Instead, Amazon publishes third-party sellers on its website, and those third parties would be liable instead. However, a case out of Pennsylvania held that Amazon is considered a seller, at least under Pennsylvania’s laws, and may be liable for defective products it sells on its website.

While this ruling comes out of a different state and might not be binding on cases brought within Chicago, it makes it harder for Amazon to wiggle out of liability for selling faulty products. Using this case, we can argue that Amazon might not be the direct seller, but their actions in facilitating sales make them liable.

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