What Do You Say at the Hospital After a Car Accident in Chicago?

The aftermath of a car accident is often very hectic, and it can be easy to panic. Although it might be difficult, you must remain focused and be careful about what you say at the hospital.

When you get to the hospital, you should be sure to tell your doctors the basic facts about how the accident happened and where your injuries are. Illinois is a fault-based insurance state, and the insurance company likely wants to avoid paying you, so they might twist your words to make you look guilty. You should only talk to insurance companies with an attorney. Until you meet with a lawyer, you should avoid discussing things like fault or your behavior leading up to the accident, as your words might be used against you. Once you have a lawyer, discuss details about who you believe is at fault, how the accident happened, and evidence.

Again, the aftermath of a car crash is scary, but it is important to remain calm and protect yourself. Our Chicago car accident lawyers can help you. Call our team right away at the Rhatigan Law Offices. Call us at (312) 578-8502 for a free case review.

What to Say When You Get to the Hospital After a Chicago Car Accident

When you get to the hospital after a car accident, you might have the opportunity to speak with doctors and nurses about your injuries and treatment. Make sure you tell them about all your injuries and explain that you were hurt in a car accident. Doing so helps make sure you receive proper treatment and care.

It is possible that you do not know what kind of injuries you have. Many car accident victims might be in shock or are so confused that they do not know what is happening around them. In that case, you should try to speak to a nurse or your doctor as soon as you are ready. Discuss your injuries and treatment and ask for thorough examinations or testing to ensure all injuries, internal and external, are treated.

Depending on your situation, you might have already spoken to the police at the accident scene. Alternatively, you might have been taken to the hospital before the police arrived. In that case, make a point of talking to law enforcement at the hospital after you have gotten emergency treatment. The police will likely want information from you for a police report. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers can help you get a copy of the report for insurance and legal purposes.

Talking About Insurance at the Hospital After a Car Accident in Chicago

Auto insurance is a significant factor in many car accidents in Chicago, and all drivers usually have to have insurance. Since Illinois is a fault-based insurance state, injured drivers must file third-party claims with the other driver’s insurance company. On top of that, injured drivers need to convince the insurance company that the other driver caused the accident.

Insurance companies often do a little investigating of their own before paying out any money, especially in cases where damages are high. You should avoid discussing things like fault or what you were doing before the accident with anyone. The insurance company may contact people involved in or near the accident, and anything you said to them might come back to haunt you.

Other than the police and your doctors, you probably do not need to speak with anybody about the accident until you have an attorney. Our Rockford car accident lawyers can help you protect your legal interests while you receive medical care.

Topics to Avoid Discussing in the Hospital After a Chicago Car Accident

While important details about the crash and your injuries should be discussed with your doctors, you should avoid discussing certain topics at the hospital until you have a lawyer with you. Our Joilet car accident lawyers can help you talk to the police and insurance companies while protecting your legal best interests.

Avoid talking about how the car accident happened any more than necessary. If necessary, talk about the accident in matter-of-fact terms. Do not offer opinions on how you believe the accident occurred. These details will be pieced together later. Only discuss how the accident happened if your doctor needs these details to determine what kind of treatment you need.

You should also refrain from talking about your behavior before, during, and after the accident. These details might be taken out of context or twisted to make it look like you were negligent, not the other driver.

You should not talk to the other driver or other parties you believe share the blame for the crash. After the accident, you might be angry with the other driver, and tensions are probably running high, but avoid talking to them about anything. Even if they want to apologize, you should avoid saying anything until you get advice from a lawyer.

What to Say to Your Attorney After a Car Accident in Chicago

Once you are with your attorney, you can discuss your case in full detail. Your attorney is there to help you, and discussions with your attorney are confidential. Our car accident lawyers can review the case with you and determine the best way to get compensation for your injuries.

With your lawyer, you should discuss whom you believe hit you, how you believe the accident occurred, and Important facts about the accident (e.g., when, where, how). You should also inform your attorney of anything you said to the police or the police told you. Such information might seem insignificant on the surface, but your attorney can figure out what’s important.

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