What’s the Average Settlement for Knee Injuries in Chicago?

The knee is a major joint that we rely on for mobility. A knee injury might leave you painfully disabled, sometimes permanently. An attorney can help you get a good settlement for a knee injury.

The average settlement for a knee injury in or around Chicago is tough to figure. Settlements tend to be subjective and are influenced by factors and details unique to your case. You should speak with a knowledgeable lawyer about your case to determine what kind of settlement you might expect. Your settlement might be greater if your case involves severe injuries, long-term medical complications, and strong evidence supporting your claims. Alternatively, factors like minor injuries, scant evidence, or allegations of contributory negligence might decrease your potential settlement. Negotiating for the best possible settlement requires finely honed skills and strategies. Our team can use these skills to fight for even more compensation in a trial.

Knee injuries can be extremely painful, limit mobility, and disrupt your life. While a settlement might be possible, our Chicago personal injury attorneys are ready to fight for the greatest compensation possible at a trial. Call the Rhatigan Law Offices for a free case review at (312) 578-8502.

Typical Settlements for Knee Injuries in Chicago

An average settlement for knee injuries is tough to estimate because injury cases vary greatly, and settlements are very subjective. Two plaintiffs with similar knee injuries might agree to totally different settlements. The evidence in your case and the willingness of the parties to negotiate and compromise play a big role in settlements, and these factors are unique to each case. Settlements also might fall apart, and our Chicago personal injury lawyers can help you fight for fair compensation at a trial.

In some cases, settlements for knee injuries are quite large. If your knee injury requires extensive, costly medical care or you are living with long-term medical complications, your settlement will likely be greater. An attorney can help you determine how much your case is worth and what kind of settlement you deserve.

Settlements are not always the best course of action, especially if you believe you have a strong case. Our Illinois personal injury lawyers can vigorously represent you in a trial and fight for the compensation that covers the full extent of your considerable damages.

Reasons Your Settlement Might be High or Low in a Chicago Knee Injury Case

The factors influencing settlement negotiations are often subjective and unique to each case. The factors listed below may increase or decrease your ultimate settlement, should you choose to accept one. If a settlement does not offer the compensation you rightly deserve, our Streamwood personal injury attorneys can help you fight for the greatest compensation possible in a trial.

Factors That Drive Your Settlement Up

Every case, whether it ends in a jury verdict or settlement agreement, hinges on evidence. If you have ample evidence supporting your claims, you are in a better position to negotiate for a good settlement. What strong evidence looks like depends on your case. Medical records about your knee injuries and anything establishing the defendant’s negligence are often key pieces of evidence.

The severity of your injuries is another heavily influential factor that can drive up the value of a settlement. If your injuries are very serious, the defendant might be more willing to meet your demands in settlement talks so they can avoid the ire of a jury. A jury might see your severe injuries and award you greater damages as a sort of punishment for the defendant.

Your knees are important for movement and mobility, and knee injuries can seriously impact your daily life. Long-term complications or disabilities from knee injuries are often compensated with a lot of money, and your settlement should be much bigger.

Factors That Might Decrease Your Potential Settlement

You must be aware of factors that might reduce your settlement so you can downplay or negate them and keep your settlement as high as possible. A lack of evidence is chief among factors that might shrink your overall settlement. Even if the defendant was completely negligent and deserves to be held accountable, it is difficult to get anything done without evidence.

You should also expect a smaller settlement if your injuries are not severe. For example, suppose you received speedy medical care and quickly recovered from minor knee injuries. In that case, you might be compensated for medical bills, but probably not so much for pain and suffering.

Defendants often try to get out of paying plaintiffs the true worth of their damages by making contributory negligence allegations. The defendant might accuse you of contributing to the accident that caused your injuries or somehow making your injuries worse. If we believe these allegations are baseless, our Rockford personal injury lawyers can represent you in a trial where you might get the full value of your damages.

How to Effectively Negotiate for a Better Settlement for Knee Injuries in Chicago

Negotiating a good settlement for knee injuries takes strong evidence and a lot of nerve. The defendant will likely try to undermine or downplay your injuries and damages at every turn. You need a thick skin and unwavering determination to get the settlement you deserve.

Evidence is often used as leverage in settlement talks, and the more evidence you have, the more leverage you can use to get a better settlement. For example, you might have very strong evidence indicating your injuries are severe and the defendant’s negligence likely caused the accident. In that case, we can use this leverage to persuade the defendant to pay more compensation in a settlement.

However, using evidence as leverage in settlement talks is not always the way to go. If you have enough evidence to leverage a good settlement, you might have enough evidence to win a trial. In that case, having the defendant held liable in a trial might be the better choice, as compensation from a verdict tends to be greater than from a settlement.

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