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In 1889, President Harris compared the plight of railroad workers to that of soldiers at war. While safety standards have continued to develop over the years, railroad employees frequently sustain injuries as a result of hazardous conditions in the workplace. The Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) was specifically designed to compensate railroad workers for work related injuries. Because of the complexity of FELA it is important to hire trial attorneys with experience in handling these cases.

Experienced FELA lawyers ensure that injured railroad workers are properly compensated for their work related injuries. At Rhatigan Law Offices, LLC, our FELA attorneys will promptly and comprehensively handle these matters.

If you are an engineer, switchman, trainman, brakeman, coach cleaner or other railroad employee, considering a FELA related matter please contact the trial lawyers at Rhatigan Law Offices, LLC today for a free consultation.