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As with all personal injury cases, premise liability has its own set of complexities. In short, injuries that occur due to an unsafe condition of someone else’s property fall under the category of premises liability. Whether it be a building, store, home, land, etc., a property owner has a duty of care to keep the premises free from unsafe conditions. If the owner or lessee of the property could have taken steps to prevent damage or injury, a case should be reviewed by well versed attorneys.

Any person considering premise liability matters should consult a well experienced attorney. Rhatigan Law Offices, LLC has years of experience and success in the area of premises liability and are well versed in the applicable state and federal laws that govern this type of claim.

If you, a family member or someone you know has suffered an injury because of a slip and fall accident or other premises liability related claims, please contact Rhatigan Law Offices, LLC today for a free consultation.